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Miroslav 'Mika' Antić

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Miroslav "Mika" Antić (Serbian Cyrillic: Мирослав "Мика" Антић) (March 14, 1932 – June 24, 1986) was a Serbian poet, journalist and painter. Antić was born in Mokrin, Vojvodina, Serbia (then Yugoslavia).

He wrote poems, articles, dramas, movie and TV scripts and documentaries. Mika also acted in several movies, and was an amateur painter. His best known poem is "Srem", in which he mourns for dead in World War II and describes the beauty of Srem using "bećarac" song form. He is well known as a bohemian.

Mika Antić is best known as a children and youth poet, a master of delicate and gentle sentiments.

His paintings are garnering greater attention and have been featured any several galleries recently. For example, they were shown at the Stremmel Gallery in Reno, Nevada in 2007. His art was also featured in an ad in Art News that same year.

His bohemian, hard-drinking lifestyle is best illustrated by a barely translatable pun about him:

    "Čika Jova deci, čika Mika Antić dva deci"

"Čika Jova deci" meaning "Mister Jova to the children", referring to Jova Zmaj, a known children's poet. "Čika Mika Antić dva deci" means "Mister Mika Antić two deciliters", referring to drinking from a glass, likely of alcohol.

(From the National Review)


I have lived at least eight lives

His blond lock of hair and sooty alley, his summers and loves, rivers and intersections, marked the early youth of so many of us and weaved into us like a code, like a gift. He left us the Immortal Poem and Nonreturnable Song, better than anyone taught us that thing about ants and eagles, scattered all around us the magical images from that ”land of czardas, glasses and landless people”. This unforgettable Banatian, chaste debauchee, poet, painter, journalist, sailor, talker, ”the last Duke of Vojvodina”, he who could do anything, told us at the end: ”If they tell you that I have died, don't believe it. To die I don't know how”... read the rest of this article by Zorica Todorović Mirković.

"Ovo su tvoje pesme. Ne pitaj kako sam saznao šta misliš. Možda sam ponekad bio: ti. Možda si i ti pomalo bio ja. Možda smo zajedno bili ceo svet."

These are your poems. Don't ask how I knew what you were thinking. Perhaps I was sometimes you. Perhaps you were a little bit me. Perhaps together we were the whole world."
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