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Problem 12

Calculate the nth Fibonacci number.

Given n, return f where f = fib(n) and f(1) = 1, f(2) = 1, f(3) = 2, ...


 Input  n = 5
 Output f is 5
 Input  n = 7
 Output f is 13


So for those of you who follow my project euler solutions, we've already solved the fibonacci problem. I just used the same code to solve this problem. The coding took all of 2 seconds and it worked (didn't even code inside matlab, just entered the solution in directly).

The first run through gave me a size of 46 and a leading solution of only 16. I am aware that there is a formula to directly compute the nth term in the fibonacci sequence so I figured I'd cheat and look it up on Wikipedia. Sure enough, there is. I included both codes, but honestly there is much more to learn from the looping method than the direct formula route.


function f = fib(n)

  f(1) = 1;  % We have to prime our code with the first two values of fib

  f(2) = 1;  % as we start the loop at f(3) = f(1) + f(2), not really cheating

             % and it makes f true for values of n=1 or 2 (robustness).

    for i = 2 : n-1

      f(i+1) = f(i-1) + f(i);  % For optimization sake, we should have prelocated

                               % f with f = zeros(n). For our sake, we care

                               % about size and not about speed so I

                               % didn't. We save each value of the fib to

                               % an indexed value within f to not only

                               % calculate the next number but to speed it

                               % up as well (eliminates repeat calculation)


    f = f(n);


using Wikipedia:


    f = fib(n) f = floor((1.6180339887^n + 0.618033988768953^n)/(1.6180339887+0.618033988768953)); 


Size for Loop: 46

Size for equation: 24


So it's still not quite 16, maybe if we could somehow remove the floor command we could knock it down a few, but it's not exactly equal and we use floor to round the result down to the correct value. Let me know how you guys got it even lower!

Follow me!