My name is Andrew, and I am a fourth year mechanical engineering student. I have very little experience with Matlab, but I recently started solving Project Euler problems using Matlab. Unfortunately, whenever I need to look around for help I seem to only find sites dedicated to solving them in Python, Java, etc. Thus, I wanted to create a site in which I outline my thought pattern and code that I used in Matlab. I have no formal programming experience and I admit my code can be quite barbaric at times, but again this site is not for advanced Matlab users or computer scientists, just engineers hoping to get more practice with Matlab by solving fun little math challenges. Also, I would love for people to make recommendations or question parts of my code. Oftentimes my method of solving the problems is rarely the most elegant and I can use help in optimizing my code/approach.

Finally, I'm a complete novice when it comes to website design, so please bear with. If you have any recommendations to formatting or site mapping feel free to let me know and I'll try to get this site more visually appealing.

I am going to be using a blogger page to run through the more challenging problems as I attempt them. I'll also try and get some of my previous Matlab assignments and problems on there as a reference. Feel free to subscribe to the blog feed or just check there every now and again at http://euler-with-matlab.blogspot.com/

Also, the method I was using to generate a comment box has gone under. To make everything easier for me, just follow me on Google plus and you can post questions, comments, or your own code. It's a great way to learn the language, and definitely benefits us both! Thanks.

Update 2:
I finally stumbled across Cody, a similar set of problems with leveling up, experience, and a community within the mathworks website! You should check it out, it's tailored more specifically for us Matlab users, and I'm going to start solving problems and posting solutions for that so keep an eye out! You can find the problems here!

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