Documentary is up on YouTube!
Please watch our documentary (~34min) in wicked good HD here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIuN7AgpaLA
The abridged version is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQoy4WFOTjE
Also, please share with friends, family, strangers... everyone! The more people who know about this, the better. To those who came out for the premiere, THANK YOU! The turn out was great and we are happy to announce that this film may be integrated somehow into the freshman orientation program! 
Also, if you want to read what this project has meant to us, please read Chacha's blog entry here. Thanks!

Still want to share your story?
Please feel free to share your experience at saturdaynightatmit.blogspot.com and spread the word about this resource. It's a great way to have your story heard!
If you want to seek help for you or friends, also visit: whiteelephant.scripts.mit.edu/saam/resources (or see the resources listed below).

Many thanks for your continued support.

Come watch the documentary's premiere and only showing! 
When: Thursday, May 16th, 8pm 
Where: Rm. 56-114
We hope to see you there. Thank you to all of our participants and volunteers that have helped make this possible!

The premiere and only showing will by this Thursday, 5/16, in 56-114, starting at 8pm. Light refreshments will be provided at 7:30. The film will be shown at 8pm and last around 30 minutes with a Q&A to follow.

Want to participate still?!
It's not too late to still be involved! If you'd like to speak up against the silence that covers this topic, please take two pictures of you as pictured below. 1) One with your hand covering your mouth. 2) Your hand extended with the word silenced circled and crossed out extended in front of you (but be sure not to block your face!) in a manner that suggests "stop this." Please email them to us at project-dxdt@mit.edu by Sunday Noon (12pm), May 12th. Thank you.

What is Project dx/dt?
We are making a documentary to explore how unwanted sexual experiences, sexual assault, and rape (henceforth abbreviated SV for sexual violations) has affected MIT students academically and socially (hence the "dx/dt": exploring change). We would like to know how such acts have changed you if you are the survivor or if you know someone who has been affected by SV, how has learning of their violation changed you. Furthermore, if you have been found guilty or accused of sexual violation, we are interested to learn how that has changed your life. This documentary will be shown at MIT on the last day of classes (May 16th) in a to-be-determined location.

NOTE: We are not able to provide professional support, so please proceed only if you feel comfortable doing so.

You can participate by 
(1) filling out the written response only survey (tiny.cc/dxdt-written), 
(2) filling out the filming form (tiny.cc/dxdt-filming) to indicate interest in being filmed, or 
(3) by leaving a handwritten notecard at McCormick desk addressed to Chacha Durazo or East Campus desk addressed to Nancy Ouyang. Should you choose to write a notecard, please write one statement you would like to share (with survivors, friends of survivors, perpetrators... anyone). These will be incorporated into the documentary.

Concept sketch for anonymous (but voice-okay) filming:

We are seeking responses from four groups of people: those who know someone affected by SV, those who are survivors of SV, those who are perpetrators of SV, and those who think they do not know anyone affected by SV (we welcome your response still to better understand the current situation). 

Thank you for supporting our endeavors. All questions are optional.

Survey URLs:


We would like you to be aware of resources on- and off-campus.

About Privacy
We want to protect your privacy and will work with you to do so. That is to say, if you would like to write something and have us film someone else reading your story, or if you would like to be filmed and not have your name documented, or if you would like us to film you without your face being visible, we can arrange all of the above.

For your written response, we will be using direct quotes from this survey (tiny.cc/dxdt-written) in our documentary, which will be made available to the general public. If there is anything you wish to censor (your name, any identifying information about yourself or the survivor, perpetrator, or incident), please indicate so in your response, either in the comments box at the bottom of the survey or by not filling in the parts of the form you wish to keep unknown.

Mission Statement
The purpose of this documentary is to inform the MIT community about sexual violence (SV). The focus of this film will be to document how the lives of those affected by SV have changed. Our hope is to create a better informed community, because we believe being aware is the first step to prevention. Hopefully with more awareness in our community, survivors of SV will be more likely to come forward and less hesitant for fear of how others might react. Sexual violence should never lose its potency as a topic of conversation, but it should stop being regarded as taboo.

Image Preview: