About Project DELTA

    Project DELTA (Disseminating Effective Learning Through Automation) is a  FIPSE-funded three year project designed to provide support and training to community college faculty online, and to develop a model to offer innovative, interactive strategies to support their students’ academic and career needs.  This is done through the creation of a cadre of "coaches" who work with each community college to provide support to the instructors as well as study resources and career counseling to students.  

    The goal of the coaching program is to support instructors in their online efforts, provide resources and assistance to students, and create a community of learning for all. 

    In coordination with Florida State College at Jacksonville, this program is being supported through George Mason University's College of Education and Human Development. 

    • Online support for instructors
    • Online career counseling for students
    • Online resources and assistance for students
    Program Support:
    • Dr. Lynne Schrum, Professor and Coordinator, Elementary & Secondary Education (lschrum@gmu.edu)
    • Mary English, Doctoral Student, Project Support (menglis2@gmu.edu)


    Meet the Delta Coaches

    George Mason University Doctoral Students
    • Amber - History & Sociology
    • Dwannal - College Success Seminar, Freshman Orientation, Student Success
    • Jeff - Sociology, Economics, Geography
    • Jehanzeb - Algebra & Stats
    • Jen - Human Behavior, Human Growth & Development, Human Relations in Business & Industry
    • Jori - Psychology & World Religions
    • Kim - English & Reading
    • Michelle  - English & Freshman Orientation
    • Sydney - English & Composition

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