9 Getting Started (in-game tutorial)

The following sequence of screens display the small tutorial which the players are exposed to when they log on for the first time. The tutorial explains basic controls and windows.

When players have created their personalities, either by completing the personality test, or by choosing a ready-made template, they can interact with the NPC Gate Keeper and read more about personality traits by accessing the object 'The Gate Keepers book."

The GateKeeper asks the player to fight a small number of single sentiment manifestations. The purpose of this is that the player will learn to use mind magic spells. When the players return to the GateKeeper they are asked to visit the NPC Teresa. Via dialogue the player is given a brief tutorial on how to use affective actions.

The purpose of this scripted stage in the prototype is to prepare the test-participants, so that they are familiar with the main functionalities and the user interface and know how to control their avatars. It is done in a stereotypical way (kill x amount of entities, go talk to an NPC, interact via linear dialog) in order to make it possible for players to familiarize themselves with the interface without need of much supervision. When players are familiar with the user interface it is easier to evaluate the game dynamics in the test-sessions, rather than getting stuck on the user-interface of the prototype.











The result of the personality test, directly mapped to the personality trait nodes of the avatar Bella.