8 Message Logs

The screen dumps in this section demonstrate a sequence of game-play similar to the previous ones, but ending with screen dumps of the event logs.

The avatar Neurotica casts a curse of sadness on the avatar Emil. Emil creates the manifestation Grieving Munchy. Neurotica helps Emil to overcome the Grieving Munchy by helping Emil to Survive, and by casting spells on the manifestation. Since Neurotica, during the sequence, is in jubilant mood spaces she can use restorative spells on Emil to help him survive. Neurotica's personality gives her the possibility to cast the spell Accommodate Sorrow.  This is the 'smart' way to dissolve a manifestation of sorrow, since it dissolves when the emotion value it represents reaches zero or less. The other way to dissolve a manifestation is by reducing its mental resistance, something which would have needed a larger group of players.

The avatar Emil creates the compound manifestation Grieving Munchy.


Neurotica casts restorative spells on Emil, who is the one targeted by the Grieving Munchy.

msglog2 munchy

The message log of the avatar Emil, who himself is hidden under the Grieving Munchy.


The message log of the avatar Neurotica, after the Grieving Munchy has dissolved. (By mistake her player also gave the resistance to the opponent.)