2 Display of Mind Module Values


In PI players can open a window displaying mind module (MM) information of their avatars by clicking the button which has a blue symbol of a human head shown in the top left part of the picture. The window displaying MM information is transparent, overlaid on the landscape shown in the PI client. In this screen the MM information of the avatar Emil is displayed.
    In the top left column the values of Emil's personality trait nodes are displayed. In order to see the whole list it is necessary to scroll down in the list using the grey marker to the right of the column. 
     In the bottom left column a list of sentiments are shown, where first the entity that the sentiment is directed toward is named, and then the emotion of the sentiment. The numerical value to the right of the text shows the strength of the emotion. Emil has a sentiment of Belonging toward Neurotica, and in proximity of her the value of his emotion node Belonging increases In PI the effect scales by proximity --- the nearer the object, the stronger the effect. The effect increases with 0.1 multiplied with the relative distance to the sentiment object per second.
   In the middle column the values of Emil's emotion nodes are displayed. The pink high-lighted dot next to the emotion Distress/Anguish signals that it is clickable. If Emil's player hovers the mouse over the dot the text 'Dull Pain' is displayed. This is Emil's first personality based emotion spell. If the player clicks the dot the spell is cast on a targeted entity, reducing Distress in that target.
     The column to the top right shows Emil's mood, displaying the value of the inner and outer mood nodes as well as the mood co-ordinate system. The white dot in the mood co-ordinate system shows which mood space Emil currently is in; jubilant. The green dots in the right of the mood co-ordinate system are clickable spells of the type Resistance Aid, available when Emil is in the jubilant mood space.
     In the column to the lower right effects of recent actions are displayed. Emil has performed the Affective Action (AA) Squeeze hand on the avatar Neurotica, who has performed the same AA on him. The number to the right tells for how long the effect of the action persists. At the time when the screen was taken the effect of the Squeeze hand Emil performed on Neurotica will be active for a few more seconds. The value of the remaining AA is the remaining strength. An AA begins with the strength 1, and decrease once per second with the decrease value specified for the AA.