2011-10 Talking about prototyping with PI as the example at UCSC

In junction to the AIIDE'11 conference at Stanford I was invited to give a talk at the Expressive Intelligence Studio about prototyping as a research method. I used PI as an example, focusing on the feature of Affective Actions. I described how they were prototypes, play tested, and how the data was analysed and interpreted.  I tried using Prezi to make the slides (re-using some from the talk i gave at DiGRA), here they are: http://prezi.com/9dsgpissx7vs/to-design-for-results-game-prototyping-as-a-research-method/

During the talk Michael created a quiz for the listeners to answer after the talk. Here is one of the multiple-choice questions:

Mini Quiz 2

Michael used a device for collecting the answers, here are the results:

Mini Quiz 3

The QA session afterwards was great. Gotta love them EISers <3