1. Current Status of PI

November 2012
The play test data was analyzed. A journal paper was written. It is currently in press:
 Players imbuing meaning: Co-creation of Challenges in a prototype MMO, Eladhari, M. P. Revista Comunicação e Sociedade, Issue on Creative Technologies, (22), 2012.
I (Mirjam) moved countries in the spring of 2012 which had the result that previous plans for PI had to be canned. New plans are being made, but it leans towards making a new game rather than continuing the development of PI. I am curious to see how the most promising parts of the game play would work in a few-player setting (such as an augmented board game), rather than in a persistent virtual world.
Mirjam P Eladhari
November 21, Malta

May 2011
Currently, the play test data is being analysed.
Then, we will implement a new iteration which is somewhat slimmed down. We will use the same server technology (developed in C++ by PixelTamer). We will switch form using Java for the client to instead use Unity3D. We aim to make this version of PI publicly available for play. (The current version is playable, but the user interface isn’t exactly straight-forward, so when play testing we game-master the tests.)
We also plan to make a version where EEG data is fed into the Mind Module (using the Emotiv SDK). The aim is to experiment with how bio-feedback signals may be used in game mechanics derived from the MM, its mental physics if you will, and what play-dynamics that can result in. This is very blue-sky at the moment, and still in the design-brainstorm-play phase.
Mirjam P Eladhari 
May 4, 2011, Santa Cruz
January 2011
The Pataphysic Institute Prototype was play-tested in November and December 2010.