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Enabling Web-UI and Remote access in utorrent

A. To enable Web-UI 
1. Select Options >> Preferences >> Advanced >>Web UI

2. -Select "Enable WebUI" option 
     -Provide username and password
     -You can also provide alternative listener port(default is 8080)
     -Provide the ip addresses in the 4th red box if you want to grant
       access  to certain ip addresses
     -click OK

3. Run >> "%AppDATA%\utorrent
     download and copy the folder (given at  the bottom) in the path opened

4. Use the following url to access Web-UI

B. To enable Remote Access to utorrent

1. Select Options >> Preferences >> Remote

2.- Select "Enable uTorrent Remote access"
    - Provide Computer name (any name will do) and password
    - Set Security Question 
    - Click Apply
    - Check "Status", it should change "Accessible"
    - Use the following address to access utorrent remotely
    - Enter the computer name and password you provided earlier. That's it.

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payam rastogi,
May 19, 2012, 6:53 AM