Video game genres


RPG: Role playing game – a genre of game where the player takes the roll of a character. While doing Quests. Generally not multiplayer except MMORPG. Wiki


MMORPG: Massively multiplayer online role playing game – much like the RPG except, lots of players play online together at the same time. Wiki


RTS: Real time strategy – a genre of game where a player generally builds a town or base, trains an army then defeat the opponent. Wiki


RTT: Real time tactics - a genre of game where a player will have a few units and he or she will have to complete objectives with them. Wiki


FPS: First person shooter – a genre of game where a player will looks though the eyes of a person with a weapon (generally a gun) and kills opponents and complete objectives. Wiki


Warcraft 3 map editor terms


Region: A section of the map. Can be any where on the map and can be any size.


Object: Something that this is in the game.


JASS: The programming language Warcraft 3 uses. Wiki


Unit: A movable player owned object in the game.


Building: An immovable player owned object in the game.


Doodad: An immovable object in the game which no player can own.


Terrain: the landscape of the map.


Trigger: A section of JASS which contains events, conditions, actions.


Event: Part of JASS that detects when something happens.


Condition: Part of JASS that checks if something is true or false.


Action: Part of JASS that makes something happen.


Switch: A doodad that is placed to activate a Trigger.


Ramp: A slope on the terrain to join one level of hight to a different hight.


Bridge: A doodad that lets units move over it from one area to another spot which units would not usually get to via that path with out it, without teleporting the unit.


Way gate: a building that teleports units to a region.


Filter: An image that goes over what the player usually see in game.


Cliff: The vertical slop between two hight levels.


Hero: A type of unit that can gain experience.


Item: An object that can be held by generally by a hero. While not held it generally looks like a chest of gold


Creep: A natural unit that take any player. It is controlled by player 13.


Destructible: A doodad that can be destroyed.


Spell: An activated ability that uses mana.


Passive ability: An ability that is always affecting.


Active ability: An ability that has to be activated.


Aura: A passive ability that affects the units around the unit with it.


Hit points: A value of how much a unit can be dealt damage before it dies.


Mana: A value of energy that a unit has to use to cast spells. Which is consumed when casting spells.


Cool down: The time a unit has to wait to be able the cast the same activated ability again after using it.


Cache: Stored information that can be loaded in different map.


Dialog: A small pop up window that contains buttons.


Quest: An objective for a player


            Primarily quests: A Quest that the player has the do to win the game.


            Secondary quests: A Quest that the player can do to make the game easier.


Object: Something on the map.


Cinematic: An in game movie.


Filter: An image that goes over the players view of the 3D environment.


Camera: An object that shows a set view of the 3D environment.


Buff: An after effect of an ability.


Skin: I the image that is stretched over a model.


Model: The 3d shape of an object. Wiki


Other terms


NPC: Non-player character. Wiki


AOE: Area of effect


Nerf: To make something in the game weaker. Wiki


Bug: An unintentional problem with the game play. This generally means a unit doing what its not meant to do or an error. Wiki