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caffè! is a public domain "black box" firmware for espresso machines which have been equipped with a microcontroller module.


Invisible and wireless

 caffè! is designed for single boiler machines such as Rancilio's Silvia or Gaggia's Classic. These have good thermal properties due to heavy brass brew groups but in combination with antiquated thermostats do not reach their full potential. Owners of such machines like to add PID temperature controllers to overcome the poor performance of thermostats (significant temperature fluctuations).

caffè! goes many steps beyond the features offered by such controllers: it controls heating elements, pump, valve and lamps, too. Pump and valve control permits innovative features, for example preinfusion, dosing, electronic pressure control and an effective warm-up program.

Unlike PID controllers, caffè! does not require a display (though it works best with a display): A microcontroller module with caffè! (arturo) can be installed internally and remain invisible, thus preserving the original look of your espresso machine. caffè! can be configured remotely by Windows software on a computer connected by USB or Bluetooth.