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Peak Oil

Peak Oil is a phenomenon which most people are not aware off but Peak Oil poses - by far - the greatest risk to modern society.

Here are a few Peak Oil Links

From one of the comments:
"it’s a bad news story and anybody’s who’s going to stand up and talk about the bad news story and is in a position of responsibility in the government needs to then follow immediately and say “here’s what we’re going to do about it,” and no one seems prepared to do that." (with many links)

Richard Heinberg:
As a result of their inaction, our leaders have in effect chosen the path of the optimists, which implies that we will continue to use fossil fuels at whatever rates are dictated by the market, since to do otherwise will hurt the economy.
Introduction to Peak Oil by Mike Tooke - 20-page downloadable pdf file  (many links)

Peak Oil risc scan

Economy and Peak Oil (this is a must view!)


Olduvai Theory (this is scary shit!)


Solutions and scenarios (info on Permaculture)
By the English LGA (Compare with VNG, Vereniging NL Gemeenten)
Peak Oil primer by central Swedish Government
Rapport by insurance company Lloyds
About Transition Initiatives

Tribes (Civilisation is not humanity...) (Where we went wrong)