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The Car BOB For North-European Conditions

The CarBOB Rationale

Here a some of the evens to consider as a rationale for a CarBOB:
> Your Vehicle breaks down.
> You get stuck in a Bug Out situation; and for whatever reason you are forced to stay in your vehicle for a prolonged period of time or proceed to your destination on foot.

The Car BOB is a combination of GHB and BOB (see Terminology & Acronyms), kept in one's vehicle.

The items in de CarBOB are intended to get the user, either in his/her vehicle or on foot, from wherever the car 
happens to be (whether at home or not) to another location.

Typically, the CarBOB is a bit larger than a GHB that is carried in a day pack because it can be left in the trunk rather than carried every day.

It is not as thorough as a 72 hour BOB.This is because it is usually only going to be used for a short period of time, to get home or to one's other preparations.

Some authors argue that the Car BOB should also carry car-specific items, like trunk-safe emergency fuel, a battery charger, fix-a-flat, road maps and atlases, flares, etc.
In this approach these extra items are part of the Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) gear.

Basically the items mentioned can be considered as add-ons to the day-pack. 
Depending on one’s specific state of mind some of the items may be regarded as ‘Spartan’ and others ‘over the top’.
Personal experience however will show what is use-full and what is not.

Specific Conditions
> Weather independent conditions relates to general items independant of wheather conditions
> Summer and Winter conditions relate to specific items such as clothes

Check the separate section on Water

> Water (Iodine) purification tablets : Polar Pure Water Disinfectant With Iodine Crystals works fast (1 hr) and has indefinite shelf life.
Of course, if you can boil the water, that is the best.

> First aid kit; take out the scissors and replace is with a simple Victorinox Knife (Swiss Army Knife) with scissors.

Then add some:
> Pain killer (Paracetamol)
> Caffeine tablets
> Anti Diarrhea tablets : These are commonly not included in first aid kits.
> Blister Plaster (!)
> Tweezers
> Needles (Small sewing set)
> Safety Pins
> Prescription medications: I don’t know how people usually have prescription medication for the bug out bag as you can’t really buy them before hand.

If you make them part of your Car BOB be sure to rotate it since medicine only has an limited time for effectiveness.

Check and rotate items on a regular basis.


> Bath Towel. Chose an orange or yellow one so that it will double as a signaling/flag cloth
> Deodorant
> Hand Sanitizer
> Feminine Hygiene products: (Very very important!!!)
> Tissues. Can also be used as Toilet paper. Sealed in plastic bags of course to keep them nice & dry.
> Toothbrush
> Toothpaste (small tube)
> A pair of sun glasses
> A pair of extra/old glasses.
Better than being blind
> Money

> Walking Stick (Compare the ‘Jo’ as used in Aikido)
> Whistle

3 ways to make a fire

> Lighter
> Windproof and Waterproof Matches
> Waxine candles 
> Tinder (Tissues can be used for this purpose )

Tools/Miscellaneous Items
> Knife 
> Multitool
> Flashlight
> Batteries
> Cell Phone
> Cell Phone Extra Battery & Charger
> Duct Tape
> Face Mask (Smoke!)
> Paracord/550 Cord  
> 2 Garbage bags
> Carabiners : A couple of Carabiners to easily attach stuff to the bags.
> Binoculars or Monoculars
> Waterproof Bag

> A pair of sturdy boots or shoes suitable for walking long distance
> A pair of long pants (preferably not blue jeans)
> 2 Pairs of socks (preferably not cotton)
> 2 Shirts (Maybe 1 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve for layering)
> A Jacket that is both warm and protection from rain
> Warm long underwear of some kind
> A hat
> A Bandana (many uses!)
> A warm blanket
> A military style Poncho

> Bag Pack Meals
> Variety of Chocolate/energy bars.
> 3 Packs of Chewing gum.
> Collection of dried soups.
> 2 packs of Biscuits.
> 1 bag of sweets.
> 24 Stock cubes.
> 250ml Alcohol of your taste. (Whisky)


> Papers/Documents :
As a citizen you are required by law to keep a copy of your immigration documents and passport safe and accessible at all times.
> Waterproof Flash Drive : We also keep a digital copy of the same documents in a Waterproof Flash Drive.
(Centon 8 GB DataStick Sport Waterproof USB 2.0 Flash Drive)
> Important phone numbers : Emergency contact numbers.
> Local Rescue/Emergency services
> Notepad/Pencil
> Survival Book

The actual bug out bag : I have packed everything into a militaire style backpack.
Furthermore I want it to be as light as can make it and comfortable to walk with.

Type of Bag:

At one stage you may have to consider leaving the vehicle and progress on foot or other means, a bike for instance.

Now the weight of the bag and it’s contents become an issue.
Personally I carry something like this around the whole day.

It has many pockets so items can be neatly organized.
It however is quite a heavy bag by itself
So if you like to travel light, you could also consider a bag like this one.