Bug Out Fitness

Bugging Out is one thing, getting to where you want to go is another.
At one point you may have to leave your BOV and run, climb, dodge, drag somebody from danger etc...

Bugging Out can very quickly turn into a very stressfull and physically demanding experience; it is called
'Survival of the Fittest' for a reason!

The following skills are called “The 10 General Physical Skills of Fitness” :

1. Cardiovascular Fitness
2. Stamina
3. Strength
4. Flexibility
5. Power
6. Speed
7. Agility
8. Coordination
9. Accuracy
10. Balance

These skills can be developed and will improve the level of fitness. 
Mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. 
Keep workouts short and intense. 
Regularly learn and play new sports.

Anything will do; from boxing to zumba, running, chess, arching, jogging, weightlifting (practice with spare tyres).
Also try group activities like pushing vehicles out of the mud, lifting wounded (simulation), arching etc.
Take a long walk and cycle regularly.

Also try out different weapons. A simple stick ('Jo') or sledgehammer is quite sufficient for doing great work-outs.

Experience what you are comfortable with and not...

The golden rule of Survival / Bug Out fitness: ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY! 



http://www.bugoutsurvival.com/2012/02/hammer-yourself-into-shape.html (simple and very effective workout with a sledgehammer!)