Bug Out Bike

Bug Out Bike

In a post SHTF world there will not be sufficient motor vehicle supplies (gas, oil, tires, repair parts).
So a bike will become a primary means of movement for most of us. If it isn’t already

So my suggestion is: Your Bug Out plan should include a Bicycle.


> Cycling is one of the least energy intensive activities.
One can reach ones objectives on a bike much faster than on foot.

> Bicycles are everywhere and so are parts;
> They are simple to maintain and ride;
> Tools are available at low cost;

> 20 km's or more can be covered easily;
> Can be picked up and carried over short distances;
> Can be used as a scout vehicle;

> You can move quickly at night on a roads making very little sound versus driving a vehicle;
> Even if you don't ride it, it can be used to carry your gear;
> It has no licence plate by which you can be identified;
> You can customize your bike according to your requirements.

My Requirements for the Bug Out Bike

Should be suitable for daily use so that you are aware of maintenance issues;
> Combination of both on-road and off-road;
> Comfortable to ride;
> Fit for your length, leg size and weight;
> Rugged. I.e. won't fall to pieces in an off-road situation;
> Light weight but strong (trade off between steel or aluminium frame);
> Minimum of tools required for maintenance;
> Easy to fix;
> Meets all the European legal requirements for brakes, lights etc.
> Should be able to fit inside a vehicle or be mounted on the outside;
> Must have the ability to strap on gear on both front and end;
> Should have the ability to support different types of tyres (rims!).
> Must not have an expensive look which makes it vulnerable to theft.
    (certain types/models are sensitive to theft; 

My Bug Out Bike

My current Bug Out Bike is a modified Surly model Ogre

To make the bike more 'stealthy' it is paintsprayed to matt black. 

Wheels: Standard Aluminum 28" wheels with 36 spokes
Anti Leak Tires

SCHWALBE "Smart Sam Plus"

(For special tires check out: http://www.dutch-perfect.nl/

(or similar like: http://www.greentyre.co.uk/index.html  tires without inner tube)

Rear: Shimano Nexus 7 hub brake (reverse pedal)
Avid BB7, Cable actuated. 180mm rotor

Gears: Standard Shimano Nexus 7 Gear.
This type is very durable.
Shifting between gears is very smooth and direct.
Very complete maintenance instructions are available here: http://sheldonbrown.com

I have added:
Heavy Axa lock (lock it or loose it!)
Seperate Chain and Lock

Spring saddle

Saddle bag containing
Tire repair set (Simson)
        Sanding Paper
2 Tire Levers
        A few pieces of cloth
A spare inner tube

        Spoke wrench (check spokes regularly and tighten when appropriate)
        Essential Tools

+ Rear carrier

+ Fenders

+ A heavy Standard. The original was fixed to the rear axle which made the bike fall over repeatedly.
+ A Bidon holder (there is room for two)

+ Pump
+ Removeable deflectors (orange) on the wheels.

+ Spare spokes for both front & rear wheels (fit inside vertical frame part under saddle pin)
+ 2 Standard side bags (fit into a Curver Box which in turn fit on the biketrailer)
+ Steering bag connector

The steering bag is a grab bag. It
    > Spare inner tube
    > Flash light
    > Soap
    > First AID Kit

    > Tie raps

> Front wheel contains a dynamo which is used as a battery charger

Optional requirements

For grabs:
Katadyn pocket waterfilter
> Head lamp

> Extra front & rear lights (for driving in tunnels etc.)
> A windjack
> Identification with medical info
> Food

> Paracord 20m (wrap around part of frame ...)

Nice to have

> Rear mirror

> E-works charger for USB via batterypack (http://www.bumm.de/produkte/e-werk/e-werk.html)

> Electrification of front and/or rear wheel is an option.

The special bike trailer for my Bug Out Bike can be stored easily in my BOV.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7HwmpUgIMM&feature=related  Bug Out Bike video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckvF5I_BWWc&feature=related Another Bug Out Bike Special

http://www.dutch-perfect.nl/ Special Bicycle tires






http://www.carouseldesignworks.com/   Special bags

http://swhs.home.xs4all.nl/fiets/tests/index_nl.htm   All kinds of usefull tests (Dutch Only)

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