Bug Out BikeTrailer

When it comes to trailers, I don't really care about the type and how people configure them, but I have a universal rule for them.....they MUST hitch to ANY bicycle seat post.
My trailers must be able to either clamp on to a seat post or slide over a seat post of virtually any bike.
This is for universal flexibility and it also has a solid foundation in physics.
When the hitch connection is up high and relatively centered on the bike frame, the weight transfer is down thru the strongest part of the bike frame and centered between the front & back wheel.
Also, the center of gravity of the trailer is now much lower, hanging under the support line between the hitch and trailer wheels.....the load hangs under, rather than teeters above the support line. Also, a trailer that connects to a seat post, can be just as easily connected to the back of your 'battle-belt' and trail behind you on foot.

This Bug Out Bike Trailer has many possibilities.

The basis is a modified Roland Big Boy.

It has the following dimensions: L x W x H =   76 x 48 x 31 cm

The weight is approx. 13 kg.

It has 16" wheels but can also be fitted with 20" or larger wheels.

It supports 50 kg with ease.

2 Curver crates fit perfectly side by side containing approx. 100 l.

The quick fit/release mechanism is possibly one of the most flexible
and strong on the market and costs less then EU 10,00.

To safe space in our basement I took off the back lights so it can
stand on it's back.


At the front of this trailer there is room to fit 2 large size batteries.
In a Bug Out situation i could replace the rear wheel of the bike with an electric-wheel.
(I plan te build a dedicated Bug Out bike with this feature)
A light weight foldable solar panel on top of the trailer can be used to feed the whole system.