Bug Out BikeTrailer

This Bug Out Bike Trailer has many possibilities.

The basis is a modified Roland Big Boy.

It has the following dimensions: L x W x H =   76 x 48 x 31 cm

The weight is approx. 13 kg.

It has 16" wheels but can also be fitted with 20" or larger wheels.

It supports 50 kg with ease.

2 Curver crates fit perfectly side by side containing approx. 100 l.

The quick fit/release mechanism is possibly one of the most flexible
and strong on the market and costs less then EU 10,00.


To safe space in our basement I took off the back lights so it can
stand on it's back.


At the front of this trailer there is room to fit 2 large size batteries.
In a Bug Out situation i could replace the rear wheel of the bike with an electric-wheel.
(I plan te build a dedicated Bug Out bike with this feature)
A light weight foldable solar panel on top of the trailer can be used to feed the whole system.