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We are thankful to following people, agencies and institutes for their support in the success of this project.
* The Commissionerate of the Higher Eduction, Department of Education, Govt. of Gujarat for establishing Digital Education and Learning Lab with 25 PCs, LAN connected with hi-speed broadband connection. It would not have been possible to carry out this action research if this facility was not available at the Dept. of English, Bhavnagar University.
* Dr. M.N. Jivani for workshop with students and teachers on the use of Google Sites and other web tools. It was during his workshop that students learnt to prepare Google Site to organise presentation videos and blog assignments.
* Various research projects carried out by international educational institutes listed on the 'Webliography' page.
*  All the semester 4 students (pass out 2012 and 2013) for their active participation in this project.