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A place for students who want to discuss big ideas, think about what it means to be gifted, learn about interesting careers, feel challenged, and have a creative voice. 

What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is a newsletter and website published by two graduate students interested in gifted education. It is designed as a forum for gifted students in middle school, and for any students who want to discuss big ideas, share their opinions, publish their original work, learn about what's going on in the field of gifted education, and find out about careers and educational opportunities. 

A major goal of ASPIRE is to create an interactive community of learners who have interests and experiences in common, and offer a place for you to inspire, commiserate with, and inform each other. Our hope is that you, the students, will become the major contributors to ASPIRE. We want to hear your suggestions for topics you would like to learn more about, and we encourage you to submit original photographs, essays, poetry, comic strips, book reviews, or anything else we can publish and share with our readers!  

We look forward to hearing from you!

                                                Leighann and Jane

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