C Programming Tutorial 

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Annotating programs.

Comments are a way of inserting remarks and reminders into a program without affecting its content. Comments do not have a fixed place in a program: the compiler treats them as though they were white space or blank characters and they are consequently ignored. Programs can contain any number of comments without losing speed. This is because comments are stripped out of a source program by the compiler when it converts the source program into machine code.

Comments are marked out or delimited by the following pairs of characters:

/* ...... comment ......*/

Because a comment is skipped over as though it were a single space, it can be placed anywhere where spaces are valid characters, even in the middle of a statement, though this is not to be encouraged. You should try to minimize the use of comments in a program while trying to maximize the readability of the program. If there are too many comments you obscure your code and it is the code which is the main message in a program.