I. Foundations and Strategies for Program Theory-driven Evaluation Science

    1.The Emergence of Program Theory-Driven Evaluation Science

    2. Developing Program Impact Theory

    3. Formulating, Prioritizing, and Answering Evaluation Questions

II. Applications of Program Theory-driven Evaluation Science

     4. The Evaluation of a $20 Million, Multiprogram, Work and Health Initiative

     5. Evaluation of the Winning New Jobs Program

     6. Evaluation of the Computers in Our Future Program

     7. Evaluation of the Health Insurance Policy Program

     8. Evaluation of the Future of Work and Health Program

     9. Evaluation of the Entire Work and Health Initiative

     10. The Case: Bunche-Da Vinci Learning Partnership Academy

     11. Using Program Theory-Driven Evaluation Science to Crack the Da Vinci Code

III. Lessons Learned and Future directions

     12. Lessons Learned From Applications of Program Theory-Driven Evaluation Science

     13. Practical Implications of the Emerging Transdiscipline of Evaluation Science


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