Hot Corners v2.2.2.0

Launch programs by moving your mouse to the screen corners!


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Contact Lekrem Yelsew at:

lekremyelsew.p4p (at) bluetie (dot) com 


This is proof Hot Corners (and all earlier incarnations by default) is not a virus: the source code is now available for download here.  Click the link below to download the Hot Coners source code (written in AutoIT3). (81,920 bytes). 

Hot Corners identified as virus

Prevx ( recently identified the uninstaller for Hot Corners as a virus because it places itself in the WINDOWS folder.  However, Hot Corners is not a virus.  The installer software, however, is third-party, and P4P is currently trying to contact the creators to ensure it is safe to use as well

Program description

Hot Corners is an easy to use, handy program launching tool for windows. It now features the Mouse Move activation feature, totally unheard of before.  The Mouse Move feature allows you four more ways to launch programs or features.  Hold down the Windows key and the "X" key and move the mouse up, left, right, or down to use Mouse Move.   Depending on the direction you move your mouse, a program/feature of your choice is launched.

Some features of Hot Corners include:

  • Open the control panel
  • Lock/Switch User
  • Open "My Documents"
  • Run any application or open any folder
  • Start your Screensaver
  • Search Google
  • Show your desktop
  • Put your computer into standby mode
  • Disable/Enable your Screensaver
  • Close the current window 

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