2016-17 School Year             Dear Parents:

Michael J. Sclafani, President
Roger Bell, Trustee
Daniel Hunter, Trustee 
Carolann Lacoparra, Trustee
Dr. Brian Mahoney, Trustee
Leslie Mancuso, Trustee 
Lucy Massafra, Trustee
Marc Pekowsky, Trustee
Tilde Zimmerman, Trustee

Dr. Dennis Creedon, Superintendent
Dr. Greg Stowell, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services
Ron Clamser, Assistant Superintendent for Business
Margaret Pecunia, Interim Director of Human Resources
Aaron Trummer, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development

Dr. Adam Pease, Principal
Troy Bilyeu, Assistant Principal
April Ljumic, House Principal
Gary Ziegelhoffer, House Principal
John Augusta, Director of Athletics, Physical Education & Health
Mary Fassett, Interim Administrator for Special Education

In the next four years, your child will be expected to engage in a sequence of coursework, assessments, extra curricular activities, and community service that will ready them for success after high school.  The vast majority of our students will enroll in a two- or four-year college upon graduation.  Others will choose productive alternatives such as joining our military or joining the workforce.

The Mahopac High School Program of Studies is designed to provide a scope of courses needed to graduate from a New York State High School, and to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for post-secondary success.  Time spent setting goals and planning an intended sequence of courses will help your child stay focused and motivated as they make their way through high school.  It is essential for students, parents, counselors and teachers to work together in developing a plan for success each year.

You and your student should plan a course of studies based on graduation requirements established by New York State and the Mahopac Central School District.  In addition to fulfilling basic graduation requirements, students should explore career options, and identify areas of strength so they may develop their talents and identify possible college majors and career options.  Rigorous course work, especially in the areas of student interest, is essential to maximizing post-secondary choices.
Many levels of courses are available at Mahopac High School.  In accordance with state law, all courses offered are taught at a minimum “Regents” level.  In addition to Regents level classes, in many areas, Honors, College and Advanced Placement options are available.  These options expand as students’ progress in their high school studies.  The goal when selecting a difficulty level is to find an “obtainable challenge.” This is accomplished when the difficulty level selected challenges a student without overwhelming them.  For incoming 9th graders, teacher recommendation is required for honors and AP level coursework.  With minor exception, teacher recommendations should be followed.  They generally know your child as a learner and know the difficulty level of the choices offered.  When in doubt, follow the recommendations of your child’s teachers.

Finally, the teachers at Mahopac High School have a long tradition of high quality, personalized and creative instruction.  We ask that students be motivated to learn at the highest level possible. Mahopac is proud of the richness in our curriculum, as well as the high expectations that we hold for all students.  Students are encouraged to explore courses that challenge them, support their dreams, and place them in a position where they maximize their post-high school options.  As a parent, encourage your student to excel in everything they do while in high school and to take full advantage of the many academic and co-curricular activities that we have available.  A good starting point is to carefully review this Program of Studies together.


Dr. Adam S. Pease