Programming with Java

Dedicated to Simplifying Java and Passing the SCJP!

The purpose of this site is simple: to promote Java programming and present information necessary to pass the Sun Certified Programming Exam.  At this point, I'd have to say this tutorial is in beta stage and I have yet to take the SCJP exam.  If you have any suggestions or ideas:

View of Java (the island).

Java (the programming language) is regarded as a very popular programming language.  It is used widely across the world.  Though the Sun Certified Java Programmer certification does not mean you are a world class programmer, it does mean you have a mastery over many areas of the Java programming language.  

Think of the SCJP as a stepping-stone.  When certified you will be able to branch out into more advanced certifications such as Sun Certified Web Developer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer.  

So let's begin exploring the nuances of the Java programming language!

On to an Introduction of Object Oriented programming!  You can use the links to the left to navigate the site.