Atari games (in Assembly Language)

Hello my name is Steve. I am the creator of this website. This is actually a promotion to my Atari home computer YouTube videos. When I uploaded my first Atari home computer video at the beginning of January 2012, I noticed that it was receiving a lot of views. The program demonstrated a prototype of an original adventure game I developed on the Atari 65xe back in the 1990s.

So I decided to expand my availability by starting this website. You will find a link to all my Atari tutorials on this site.  My goal is to provide useful information that any novice Atari programmer can benefit from. Since I have many years experience programming in both Basic and Assembly for the Atari I decided to share this information.

The advantage you will find on this site versus other Atari pages is I will keep my YouTube Atari videos up to date. So if you check back here often you will get to see some of my other work and games of course. Other sites may show you the Atari games on their page, but will usually not explain step by step how something was created. However I intend to provide open source code and detailed explanations for the world to take advantage of.

Here is my YouTube channel:

Now don't quote me as an expert since I am not claiming to be one. However I will provide my style of teaching to those who have the interest in learning. Some of the different concepts I understand from an assembly programming perspective are:

  • How to setup a delay counter
  • How to create loops
  • How to PEEK/POKE into memory
  • How to print ASCII characters to the screen
  • How to write numbers in assembly (advanced)
  • How to build character sets (for graphics)
  • How the GRAPHICS modes are displayed
  • How Display List Interrupts work in assembly
  • How to draw on a GRAPHICS screen
  • How to create multi-colors on a screen (Raster Interrupts - advanced)
  • How to control a joystick
  • How to create sounds using the audio chip
  • How to create Player Missile Graphics
  • How to animate players
  • Scrolling lists (advanced)

There are many more I could list here, but I don't want to overwhelm new users to this page. Just know with the Atari home computer once you know what you are doing the sky is the limit. When I sat down to construct my first game in Assembly I had thoughts in my mind such as How to I control the joystick? How to I use Player Missile Graphics? How do I create a character set? So this type of thinking led me to create the game you may have seen here at the website called Deadman.

Atari 65xe Assembly language game