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oRACLE iNTERVIEW qUESTIONS aND aNSWERSConcepts and Architecture Database Structures 1. What are the components of Physical database structure of Oracle Database?. ORACLE database is comprised of three types of files. One or more Data files, two are more Redo Log files, and one or more Control files. More...

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008is an integrated development environment which is the successor of Microsoft Visual Studio 6. It eases the development process of .NET Application to great deal for Visual C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C++.NET, Visual JScript.NET, Visual J#.NET, ASP.NET, etc The revolutionary approach in this new Visual Studio.NET is that for all the Visual Studio.NET Compliant Languages there is a single IDE, debugger, project and solution explorer, class view, properties tab, tool box, standard menu and toolbars. The key features of Visual Studio.NET IDE include:

Virtual functions Runtime Polymorphism C++ provides two types of polymorphism, runtime polymorphism and compile time polymorphism.. Compile time polymorphism can be achieved using function overloading and operator overloading, while runtime polymorphism can be achieved using virtual functions

Pointers and Smart PointersPointer is a concept in C and C++. A Pointer is an address, which is pointing to some other Address.Usually we create some variable and which holds some value.A pointer holds the address of some ordinary variables. Using pointer we can access or modify the value of the variable to which this pointer is pointing. 

C++ Template is an important addition in C++ when compared with C. Lot of readers have beensending queries about templates.I would try to explain a majority of them here in a question-answer form. The questions have been suitably modified to address a general audience.


Fundamental analysis of shares Before doing actual investment one must study following things. Equity – Initially an amount o f capital is invested or used to start the company to run its operations by issuing shares or the equally divided parts as per the amount of investment.

Introducing Stock Markets In 1782 in America, world’s first stock market came into existence. Prior to this in huge wall compound fights between four types of animals were arranged. People used to earn money on the strength and weakness of these animals. Financial market adopted the same technique and “Stock Exchange” Was born. Later on building was built for stock exchange. American stock exchange was named “Wall Street” after above stated wall. Those animals used to for fight were Bulls, Beers, Hogs, And Sheep. Each of them is having following characteristics.More details…….