False picture, just for fun.

This question is a source of discussions since the beginning of the Epsilon Hunt :  Are UFOs linked with Epsilon   ?

Hard question, but easy answer...Yes, they are, of course !
We just have to look at the Kifflom Teaser, and the 8th Tenet:

" 8. Aliens exist and are present on earth. If you have a birth mark, you may be descended from Kraff, the famous Emperor of the 4th
Paradigm - FACT!

=> So, Aliens -and UFOs- ARE linked to Epsilon.
This point is clear now, but before investigating in GTA games to discover all the references to UFOs, let's have a look
to another Tenet, the first:

"1. The world is 157 years old - FACT!"

=> If the world is only 157 years old, Humankind was created "Out there", and brought to the Earth, by an unknown method...
Why use spaceships to transport them, like the one on the picture above?

Or where we "made" on Earth, by another sort of life form...Aliens, strangers, or also other "Humans"...

The fact that the 8th Tenet talks about Kraff just after saying that aliens exists perhaps means that Kraff WAS an alien.
Look at the picture of the " Possible Descendant of Kraff "

Looks like Human...

So, one Hypothesis is that Kifflom could be an Universal sect, created a very long time ago, of course by Aliens.
If the 4th Paradigm operated in space a long time ago, Epsilon, (5 in Greek)
is the 5th one, the Earth paradigm.Is Cris Formage,the Kraff Descendant ?
Is he from Extraterrestrial origin?

More in our article: Epsilon the 5ft Paradigm

UFOs in San andreas

- Alien bar.

First and famous reference, the Lil' Probe inn, near of "Big Ear", San Andreas:
This Flying Saucer can't move, but a lot of Hunters try, an some of them
still think that it could be unlocked.

We saw before an un-fly able Flying Saucer in GTA, it was in Vice City :

We can see a lot of bars like the Lil Probe Inn near of Roswell, Nevada:

The walls inside are full of UFO pictures, even in the Back Room.
And there is a map in there, the same as we can find at Toreno's Ranch .

All the pictures we can find on the walls:
The central map stayed for a long time one of the Mysteries Hunt Enigma...But now it's over !
Mystery Zone Hunters discovered what was taken as a reference for the points localizations, as we will see at he end of this article.

- UFOs in the sky

Everywhere in San Andreas we can see at night strange Light Balls traveling through the sky...
We can't follow them, even with an Hydra.

What's happening? Are Aliens invading the Earth?
It could be...If the lights weren't blinking..as aircraft lights.

UFOs don't blink, the light is permanent...

So the best hypothesis is that it's only untextured planes, to make the sky more "natural".

- Area 69

The Area 51 replica in San Andreas...
Real Area 51, where real people think hidden aliens and UFOs are kept.
This idea may be wrong in reality, but it could be right in San Andreas.
Autopsy tables in a military area? Why?
A clear reference to Roswell Crash, where Aliens were supposed to be autopsied.

- The Cow Boy

This character says a lot of things about Aliens :

"You're not probin' me again!"
"You know they know!"
"They're all around us!"
"They're watchin us!"
"They know!"
"Gotta keep movin."
"Who are you?!"
"He's one of THEM!!!"
"You can't steal my mind!"
"Green blooded abomination!"
"Act like nothing happened..."
"I know things..."
"Get away from me!"
"Don't touch ME!"
"I'm watchin you man..."
"Can't let them take me again!"
"Back off now!"
"In my head!!!
"Alien are talking to me on my car radio"
"For earth, man!"
"Is one of them" (probably means CJ)

Was he probed by Aliens?

Another Character seems to have been:

- Bluesy St John

She says during one of her shows that she was probed at a field in Iowa where her brother, and her father was probed during an earlier event.

- The Hippy

He speaks about the Universe, and I come in peace...

"Be one with the universe"
"The spirits are watching us"
"Most intriguing!"
"you do not understand"
"I will live with my right"
"They must take care of mother ????"
"Interesting to meet you!"
"I come in peace"
"I am glad to meet you"
"very interesting"
"primitive but effective"
"is this mating"
"a small essence of the Truth"

- Truth
He seems to know a lot of things about Aliens...
Just look at his car's registration:

"Out There", clearly a reference to aliens and "X Files",
"The Truth is Out There"

Let's look at what he says during the missions:

-Are you going to San Fierro?

At the end, they run away to San Fierro and Truth talks about his favorite way to trip...An Astral goap named "Herbie".
We can be sure of nothing, but Truth is certainly jocking, in fact he loves to trip with Marijuana...
Then he puts aluminium foil in his head explaining it's against microwaves witch control your mind, and tells us that there are 23 Government,
satellites spying on us all the time, and 23 religious relics in the Pentagon.

=> A lot of people in reality, even in San Andreas, cover their heads with Aluminum foil, for protection against Alien Mind control.
Keep Out of My Mind !

-Wear flowers in your hair

-Now in San Fierro, Truth wants us to  wait near the San Fierro Hospital.
Then, a gray van starts up, and Truth ask us to think of a
'yellow rubber duck',  as to prevent someone from reading,
your real thoughts.C.J. ask Truth " what is happening " Truth answers that he don't have to know...If he don't want to also have an
hypodermic neurophone in the ass in less that one month!

Then he directs you to the police station, where the same van appears again. Truth this time, tells us to think of a pink golf ball...
 He seems to have got something confirmed by these sightings, but he won't tell you what this was about.

He says that Man never walked on the moon, Kennedy lives in Scotland with Janis Joplin, and the cold war existed because of
Serpent-head Aliens controlling petrol...

=> He thinks that Aliens are controlling petrol, so the economy, so the planet !
The hypodermic neurophone could be a sort of "lil probe", always used by aliens, in every book or movie.

-Black Project
-Later in the game, Truth want we steal a Jet pack for him, in the "Area 69", reproduction of the real "Area 51".
Here we learn that Truth thinks the government is lying to us, and tells C.J. what he's doing for Toreno is dangerous.

=>We saw that Area 69 is an Area 51 replica in San Andreas...A place where there are supposed to be hidden aliens bodies, and secret technology.

-Green Goo

C.J. steal a sort of...Crystal egg full of a strange green gel.
This thing, as Truth says, "can explain everything, it's the beginning of the new age, the year 0 " !

=> This jelly , the Green Goo is named "Alien Fluid" in the game's files, and we meet it one time again in the mission "N.O.E."...
A lot of clues lead us to think that this jelly is really extraterrestrial..more so the government perhaps use's it !

More in our article: Sprunk and Green Goo

-Don Peyote

"We faced the inner light and commune with the lizard King."

=> Witch one? The king of the serpent-heads controlling petrol, or an ancient Indian god ?
Another answer could be...Jim Morrison.
He was named "Lizard King" by a lot of his Fans.

Also in the movie about The Doors, we see him, totally high, in the desert....
That's perhaps what Truth and Maccer's band looked for by taking peyote in the desert.

- GTA4 Web

Aliens in Easter Island

In "EasterIslandCoverUp", Steven Henderson declares that Easter island Statues, the "Moas", were not made by humans, but by
"Extraterrestrial eco-warriors witch wanted to use it as a test for World domination and sexual games".

The Aliens burrowed into the Earth's core and morphed into hideous magma monsters witch loved to terrorize the people and see them making love ( a tradition still runing now in Pitcairn Islands), riving them to self-destruction by Global Warming.
Since that, Aliens stayed incubating underground, watching, waiting...

-He also told that when Europeans discovered this Island in 1722, they found the Monkey Graffiti (And empty beer cans).
Apparently,the Govt. says that this Graffiti is still undecipherable, but in fact he contends its
a series of records left behind by the,
Aliens and contains a prophecy of man's self-destruction through global warming, instructions for advanced space travel, setting up
a wireless network, and the date on witch the Aliens will arise once more to take control of our planet.

=> This guy is Epsilonist, but believe that people discovered Easter Island in 1722...
How could they say the world is only 157 years old ?!

However, what he says is really interesting...If we believe him, Bad Aliens came on Earth a long time ago...Keep it on your mind*.

The Monkey Graffiti

The Monkey Graffiti is perhaps the only way to fight against Aliens, but if it is undecipherable, how do we know what he contains ?
Look at what Steven Henderson says:
"The Leaders of World's superpowers have access to a top-secret translation of this graffiti and 500 people
 are preparing to escape to PlanetX in a special shuttle:
Area 53 "

Area 53 is the Marvin Trill's Website, and we know that Marvin is an Epsilonist...
So, do Marvin have access to a translation of the Monkey Graffiti,
is Monkey Graffiti the Epsilon Tract ?

We know that Monkey Graffiti contains instructions for advanced technology...
Look what Cris says in his commercials:
"All you have to do is read and understand the Epsilon Tract, and the secrets of universe will be open to you."

And what Billy Dexter says in his radio show:
"Then, i will explain the secrets of the Universe to everyone!"

=> The tract apparently, can explain to us all the secrets of the Universe, so it must contains a lot of writings about advanced technologies,
as the Monkey Graffiti.

*Just imagine the Tract is really the Monkey Graffiti:

So the tract was left by an ancient Aliens Eco-Warriors, and kept by humans to fight against them in the future, when they will come back from the magma.

This tract is use by Epsilon, who believe's to have Alien ancestors...

(Exactly the same theme of the Greek Epsilon Team's Legend, who says that Humankind have to wait for the Epsilon Team's to come back an save them.)

It could be a clue to an awesome Hypothesis:

Kifflom sent us a leader, Cris Formage, to fight on Earth against his enemies of,

our planet this could be a place where the battle of the universe takes place, between Kifflom and the Alien Eco-Warriors!

- Planet X

Marvin Trill is supposed to be building a Space Ship with Epsilon's money, and having a translation of the Monkey Graffiti...
So, let's see what we hear in his Radio Show:

"A new planet found in space, is it a real planet or a decoy they put to confuse us?"

-Is this the same planet that Steven Henderson talks about, the Planet X ?

Some Hunters believed that this planet could be in the Rockstar Constellation.

However, no link was discovered between this constellation and Epsilon.

But we can find another constellation, directly linked with Epsilon, on the Kifflom Teaser.
Look at the Teaser's  headpiece:

You see the white lines and numbers behind?

Then, look at our Hunt, and at what we found, a perfect match in the Star Track

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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