The Fellowship Enlightenment Center

A strange closed building that we can find in GTA 4, here:

Interesting place because of the light blue color and  also for what is written on it:

- "Fellowship Enlightenment Center"

=> The word "Fellowship" was used by Cris Formage during his interview on WCTR, San Andreas :
"For the last time Lazlow, this is not a Cult, it's a Fellowship of like-minded adults"

-"Fellowship Enlightenment Center"

=> Like in the  Kifflom teaser:
"The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place.
Come visit our Enlightenment Center."

We know that Epsilon is a Fellowship and they have an Enlightenment Center
and this is a Fellowship Enlightenment Center, colored in Light Blue!

Under the name, there is another sentence:

- "Looking for answers? You'll find them here"

=> Look at what says the Camper:
"Are you looking for spiritual answers?"

- "The Fellowship School of Learning"

=> A "school" where we learn to learn...Well, it looks like the process of a sect, to teach you their manner to learn.

First look, Ok, there are links, but let’s investigate more...

Look at this other picture:

"The Fellowship Literature and Media Center"

=> We know that Epsilon use Literature, with Cris Formage's book: "It Happened To Us All", and medias, with all the radio
and Websites they lead, plus the music with Maccer and the Gurning Chimps and Jezz Torrent, from Love Fists.

- Look at the entry:

=> "Community"...Why this name?
There were enough links, thanks guys!

- The phone number:


=> We tried of course to call it in the game, but it didn't worked, but who knows?
Perhaps it wasn't the good time for that...
Bluesy St John taught us that Kifflom meetings run at Thursday nights, so it could be interesting to try
to call this number again, and again!

A perfect place to investigate in GTA 4, perhaps one of the future symbols of the Epsilon Hunt in this game.


A perfect place to investigate in GTA 4, perhaps one of the future symbols of the Epsilon Hunt in this game.
Too much links to be a coincidence:

- The color,
- Fellowship,
- Enlightenment Center,
- Looking for Answers?
- School of learning,
- Literature,
- Medias,
- Music...
- Community !

Really a place to investigate, thanks to "KraffDescendant" from the "Epsilon Project", for this awesome find!

Other details of this Building:

- Strange face on the roof:
A sort of a...Pig!

And a graffiti on the wall:
"Vert" in French, means "Green", and the paint is...Green !
So it was painted in French.

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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