Sprunk and Green Goo

Based on the clues you'll find in the GreenGoo article, several hypotheses were made...
This one links Green Goo, Epsilon and Sprunk, and drive us to a government conspiracy to control people !

1/Lead question
Is there a link between Sprunk and GreenGoo ?

The color

A "deep green", the same green that we find in the open grave in Palomino Creek, the Biowaste well and... Green Goo.  

-Sprunk is like Coke in the world of Rockstar. It's the most sold drink in the world with factories EVERYWHERE.  
It makes Sprunk accessible for everybody, and that's maybe why it could be very interesting.-

Government add chemical stuff in water

As we can see in GTA 4 "Liesdamnlies"

"Scientists somewhere have discovered that there is an ingredient in Sprunk Soda that stops Women from having orgasms.
That explains a lot!"

And in the Area 53 radio show, when Truth calls Marvin Trill:

"- Now come on, man, tell the people about the desert, how come there ? be missing, hah? A map with things missing ain’t a
real map, and
that’s what they feed us. That, and female hormones in the water supply."

Here, Marvin answers to another caller:

"- Why would we worry about a chemical that the government puts into the water?"

Remember the Toxic Well...

It is located CLOSE to an old Sprunk factory.  

And the factory is just near a BioEngeneering shed.

What would happen if "inconveniently" somebody overturned lot of Sprunk in this well (by Sewer pipes)?
First, that would give to the Well water a green color, but also would contaminate the groundwater. In this case, 
everybody will absorb the substance.  

Why for?
Why does the government wants people to drink this substance ?
Perhaps some leads below...

2/Lead question

Is there a link between Epsilon and Sprunk ?

We already know there is a link between Epsilon and government...

Thanks to Leanne Forge:
"Plus-the Epsilon tract-a psychotic power-hungry cult running the government and Vinewood."

And Steven Henderson (talking about Marvin Trill) :

"The Leaders of World's superpowers have access to a top-secret translation of this graffiti and 500 people
 are preparing to escape to PlanetX in a special shuttle : Area53"

So, Do Epsilon use Green Goo thanks to the Government ?

Sprunk and memories

If Cris Formage doesn't lie, the humans "appeared" on earth 157 years ago. Then, there are 2 possibilities.  
- They were "brought" here,
- Or they were "created" here.

In these 2 cases there is a big problem:  
The human memories.

The history is passed from father to son, in most of the cases... Your father had probably told you stories about his
father or his grandfather, and they probably told your father stories about his ancestors....

Then, why do we have no recalls about this "beginning of world"?  
-Maybe somebody would persuade us that our civilization is 2000 years old with drug absorption , and false information 
or false history in school and on TV. (As it's said in Kifflom Teaser)

Even if it's not true and if the world isn't 157 years old, but billions of years, if we want to control people spirit by giving drugs
to them, we have to hide it in a product which they consume every day, as... Drinks!
And what people drink most often in the world?
Some water and a lot, A LOT of Coke (Sprunk in GTA).  

Sprunk and babies
Remember that GreenGoo is suspected to contain Alien DNA, or at least, DNA, or a form of life...

In Kifflom thinking, Sperm doesn't exist, at all. 

If sperm doesn't exist, but babies do, it's because there is another way to make them.  

Do you remember the advertising panel we break with a car in a mission? 
After the breakage we can read "Sprunk, a taste of come"  

In GTA4, on another Sprunk hoarding: "Sprunk, the fuel of life"  
The sperm can be considered like a kind of "fuel of life"...

-The women maybe become pregnant when they drink Sprunk.  
-When women become "naturally" pregnant, maybe the DNA structure of the babies modifies, transforming them to
"Green blooded Abominations". (As the Trench-Coat Guy said).

In a book written by Aldous Huxley in 1931, Brave new world, there is an Epsilon caste.
Alpha is the better and Epsilon...The last one.
In this book we learn that babies are made by a machine, so the normal reproduction doesn't exist and sperm is useless.

Weird book, with the same scheme as our hypothesis...


Is Sprunk mixed with Green-Goo?  
Is it used by Epsilon to make another sort of humans?  

Does the government manipulates us with Sprunk, with their satellites or their "hypodermic Neurophones"?
Would Zombotech make a plan to conquer the world?
Crap! What's hidden behind that?!

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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