Rockstar says

Even if R* is being a scrooge in giving us some infos about Mysteries, and sometimes speak a little bit about it...

We still collect all the R* talk we find.

The CEO of Rockstar, Terry Donovan, was interviewed by EGM Magazine about some of the myths in San Andreas.

Of course, coming from the mouth of the Rockstar CEO, it should be true, unless they actually have decided to really keep such things a secret.

Still, this is a very short interview, where the interviewer obviously isn't aware of the amount of references to The Epsilon Cult in the game,

and it therefore never gives precise answers...

I guess we just have to find out for ourselves, but without more infos from them, we will find less and less clues...

Anyway, here are the Rockstar talks:


Interview with the Rockstar CEO

This is a scanned article of an interview that was made with the Rockstar CEO Terry Donovan for EGM Magazine.

"- Are there any hidden events or secrets that players haven't yet found

- Yes"

Thanks to Hunter 1984 for this pic.

But Rockstar also claims there are no more secrets in GTA San Andreas.

We have yet again been in email contact with our source at Rockstar.

To avoid any kid spamming our contact with hundreds of mails we have hidden his name in the print screen below.

We questioned this one about Epsilon only:

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Any idea, info or hypothesis...
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