Pastor Hunt

Ok, just an idea of what we can do with this Pastor...

You just destroyed the last Black helicopter of the Toreno' mission "Interdiction", and you're on the way to take the
parachuted bag, then you see the Journey, coming from Castillo Del Diablo :

With the Pastor driving, and a sort of...Yea, Whore.

They stay here, without moving...

Alone in the dark...But the van don't move, never, even a little shacking as when
CJ spend good times with a girl in a car ^^
They are just...waiting, or watching something.

But what are they watching ? Lets climb on the roof :
The moon, and a sand mont...

But behind the sand mont, Sherman Dam.

Let's jack the Pastor of his van...He becomes creasy, purchase you,
and punch hard !

So you wanna run, let's run !
I have for target to make him follow me to the Bag landing zone...

Perhaps it's possible to make him take the bag in place of me !

And he runned, slowly...The worst is that you have to wait for him, because if you
are too far, he stop to follow you, and don't move since you come back to a
shorter distance...

Finally arrived to the north pass, happy for me, and the pics,
the Sadler is RED ^^

(Note, i used the flying cheat, to climb here, but it's possible to do it normaly...)

I managed to make the Pastor walk on the bag, without going out of the van...
He didn't tooked it...

So, i get out of the van, and made him walk another time...Still don't take it.

So i tooked it, and this part of the mission was over.

First time i came here with the pastor alone, without taking the van, at this precise time,
the Pastor just stayed straight, not agressive anymore, even if i punched him...
But still don't disapeared before the end of the mission
, wherever you go, and how
much time you leave him, when you come back, he is still here.

Anyway, this time, he came back to the van, that i parked just here, and stayed in,
without moving, as the first time we've met them.

So, i jacked him out of the van, again...And he became "super agressive", again !

Ok, guy, let's run to the final place, Castillo Del Diablo !

Run, Forest, run !^^

Castillo Del Diablo Pass, we are arrived.

The door opens, and i park the van into...

End of the mission...A glitche because the van is too big for the garage...

I heared for the first time the woman stayed inside speacking after the end of the mission,
a sentence that i didin't understood, but certainly normal, during the mission,
they don't say a word...

So, the mission ending, the peds have a normal behavior again.

A Journey with my friend Pastor:
So, as i saw he loves to run, i decided to run with him accross the state ^^

Castillo Del Diablo abandonned Cemetery

Common grave

Big ear

Area 69

Regular Tom

Regular Tom Hotdog

Sand Sea

Lil Probe Inn

He can't enter

Me, i can^^

Out again, and he waits for me

Trailer compound near of Lil Probe Inn

Petrol factory

Petrol field


First meet with a Camper...Nothing.

Center of the circle...

There is plenty of other ways to take with this Pastor, specially possible things to do
in Castillo Del Diablo, or in another place, the possibilities are infinites, so help is needed.

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
You are welcome to use our Forum : The Epsilon Project