Marvin Trill

Here are all Marvin Trill's Talks and writings

Marvin is an Epsilonist, Host on WCTR "Area53" Show in San Andreas, and Webmaster of the site "Area53" in GTA4.
He is the only Epsilonist who answers "Krant" when someone salutes him by a "Kifflom".

His favorite sexual objects are "Domestobots", and he is used to...Use them !

This character is a parody of this man :

His name is Art Bell.

He started a radio station in Pahrump, KNYE 95.1 FM. His broadcast studio and transmitter were located at his home (a trailer)

in Pahrump while he hosted "Coast to Coast AM". Then he relocated from June to December 2006,

when he lived in the Philippines.

He returned to Pahrump which happens to be due South of Area 51. 

To the best of my knowledge he still runs his show centered around Area 51 and UFOs on the weekends

and his new co-host George Noory takes on Ghosts and other paranormal things Monday through Friday.

(Thanks to Jabhacksoul for this info)

We start our Hunt with the target to find Marvin in the game

In 1992, as he says himself, he leads his show from a "strange trailer compound" in the desert...

But where ?

The desert is big and there are a lot of trailer compounds , so lets think about what Marvin needs to transmit his 

show trough all San Andreas.

First, he needs a real radio station with a big antenna.

We investigated, looked for a radio station in the desert, near a trailer compound, and we found something strange:

The HI K 69 radio:

Location: South Fort Carson

We can hear nowhere on the waves a radio called like that...Perhaps it's used to transmit  another one...Why not WCTR !

And in the back, a sort of trailer compound:

But once again, nothing strange happens here...No Marvin running in a space suit.

One interesting thing is the registration of the car sometimes parked near the HI K 69:

"Los Santos"...WCTR, the radio who use Marvin for his show is located in Vinewood, Los Santos.

Here is the Trailer compound near of the Lil' Probe' Inn:

No Marvin, No Domestobot, Nothing

But...Lets go back to Art Bell...

This guy broadcasts from home, a TRAILER in  Pahrump, south Area 51...

Where exactly is Pahrump ?

Look at these Google maps :

Is it possible to overlay the real map with the SA map ?

Without a real scale, it seems impossible, but it deserves a try !

If we can localize "Pahrump" in the SA map, we could find Marvin !

It will be for another day...

For the moment, lets continue to hunt,

With Marvin radio show in 1992:

Marvin says that Government add strange things into water:

"Why would we worry about a chemical that the government puts into the water?"

Truth, calling him says comparable thing:

"That, and female hormones in the water supply."

Marvin says also that "Children are aliens"

While Investigating it, we found strange links based on these ideas.

-And he go farer;  lets read the other strange ideas we can find in Area 53:


-Men never walked on the Moon and WW2 never happened (As Toreno says)

-It's good for economy to live in constant fear.(Real, in the present time)

-The Government recruits school children to beat the others in school.

-Gold Fish are Communist spies.

-News men lie about weather balloons.(Reference to Roswell crash)

-The FDA is infiltrated by the very device they are supposed to regulate.

-Minds are control by (electrical)devices.( As Truth says)

-Cheese is the latest weapon in the battle against communism.

-Truth himself calls him during his show and proves that he doesn't agree with Marvin:

"Hey man, I love the show, but when are you guys gonna start seeing the bigger picture?

We're being lied to, man, and guys like you don't help much, you know, you're virtually one of them.

Soon you'll know what I'm talking about."


-During Area53 radio show intro, we can hear some strange things:

"A new planet found in space, is it a real planet or a decoy they put to confuse us?"

-Is this the same planet that Steven Henderson talks about in his website in 2001: "", "the planetX"?

Look at what Steven Henderson claims:

"The Leaders of World's superpowers have access to a top-secret translation of this graffiti and 500 people
 are preparing to escape to PlanetX in a special shuttle:
Area 53 "

"And finally, are women made from sand?"

-Second time we hear speeches about this idea...The first time was in Cris Formage's interview.

You will see here that Marvin knows a lot of things about it...

And in 1999
his Website, where he gives a link to a Conspiracy site. He says that he is about to entomb himself in an underground bunker "somewhere in the desert"

With the target to protect him and his "friends" (in fact Domestobots) from the Y2K which apparently scares him :

"Y2K is very real and those that do not prepare will perish"

"I must protect myself and my research from harm"

This sort of thinking is characteristic of a "survivalist" sect (which believes that the end of World is soon and they will be alone to survive).

Add the fact that Marvin Hates Russians and Australians (as Maccer does) that drove us to believe the Cult Farm is an Epsilon place.

In the Area 53 website, we learn that Domestobots helped Marvin to dig an Underground Bunker for 5 years...

This is the Bunker we can find in San Andreas:

In the game code this bunker is called " reslab "
For RESearch LABoratory ?

Inside, using a bug :
Thanks to  Андрей Кувшинов for the screen and the tip.

A lot of Hunters think that this place could be the Bunker that Marvin spoke about, because it seems to be half underground, but look at what Marvin says in the Website:
"My robot creations and I have been digging for 5 years"

"Throughout this rocket summer, I have prepared my Ship -As I call my Underground Bunker"

Does it means that Marvin just finished building it last summer?
If it is the case, this Bunker can't be Marvin's one.

The website was written in 1999
And San Andreas runs in 1992

If they have spent 5 years to dig it, and finished in 1999, or 1998(LAST summer), then they started to dig in 1994, or 1993.
So, this Bunker, totally built in 1992 can't be the one they will start to dig in 1993, or 94.

There is a real Underground Bunker somewhere else: The Area 69.

This is the only Underground Bunker that we can visit during the game, and we can find here some interesting things, as the 3D San Andreas map, and autopsy tables...

And all the technology for building a spaceship.

But this Bunker was also dug a long time ago...

Reality could be sadder...

Look  how some real sects travel to other planets 

Mass suicide, or murder, is sometimes the only way to travel to another planet, take care of sects !

In that case, the "Bunker" that Marvin dug could be like this one, where Mafia entombs its enemies:

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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