Kifflom Teaser

Strangly, It seems that Rockstar have make 2 same sites about Kifflom, but with different names :
They are exactly the same, the only difference is the Rockstar site have the orange rockstar logo in its adress bar.

When you acces the site, you ear a little music :
Calpomatt's .::dumb::.
Music created: 2001-11-01  Rating: 6.35
Artist comment about this music:
"I think the title speaks for itself. Makes me think of a clown or court jester or something. It's actually not bad.
Has an upbeat feel to it.
(Thanks to Oscuro 1987 and OUTTHERE, from the Epsilon Project, for this great find !)

Last news: The Kifflom site was updated in 2012, January or February, The Kifflom message isn't exactly the same no more,
2 words having been moved, "Kraff", and "To", and the Fax number changed from 1 866 FUN CULT to 1 555 FUN CULT
Also,the name "Grand Canaria" disapeared from the "Give page", but not from the Tract page.certainly forgotten by Rockstar.
HERE for more informations

So, that's the teaser, as it was at the beginning, in 2004 :

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