Greek Epsilon Team

Epsilonism in Greece

In Greece, there is a sort of urban legend, talking about a secret group whose target it is to protect the Earth...
The Team Epsilon, if it really exist, count the number of Greek people, attached to their old gods and beliefs,
seeing their rich mythology a way of life.

Does it exist, or not, anyway people started to talk about it, and a sort of legend started around it.
And everywhere we find websites, books, sometimes TV shows, talking about this supposed sect.

Most of the following info is from Wikipedia, which is fed by people's beliefs and opinions...
Sometimes, we can read that Team Epsilon is racists, sometimes they want to save all of humankind...
Real info or not, if Rockstar used a "sect" to build their own Epsilon, they certainly used wiki to get info,
So it can be interesting to analyze all that, let's have a look on the Team Epsilon' legend.

is a term used to describe a branching of an eschatologist conspiracy theory.
It was introduced and propagated in Greece through magazines and books whose subject is conspiracy theories and the

The Epsilon Team (Omadha Epsilon in Greek) is supposed to be a secret society consisting of an elite team of Greek
engineers, academics, pilots, powerful businessmen and politicians who are supposed to build and pilot UFOs.
(Of course it's only people' imagination.)

Some people like to present the Epsilon Team as a proof of the superiority of the Greek race and culture above all other
cultures, by claiming that ancient Greeks were of extraterrestrial, Hyperborean origins and had extremely advanced
technology, now secretly discovered and studied by the "Epsilon Team", which is, if not of Greek origin, at least using
"forbidden" and "top secret" Greek technology.
Some others are convinced that the Epsilon Team work for all the people, from the entire planet, for a better life...

=> GTA' Epsilon also use conspiracy and paranormal show to propagate their ideas on radio, and on the Web.
Their thinking is also based on the idea that they have Alien Ancestors, as we can see in the Kifflom Teaser:
"8. Aliens exist and are present on earth. If you have a birth mark, you may be descended from Kraff, the famous
Emperor of the 4th Paradigm - FACT!"

And uses ancient Technology that has been rediscovered too, and used by secret scientist, to build a Space ship as we
can see in EasterIsland article:
Epsilon managed to translate an ancient "forbidden” secret text, the "Monkey Graffiti" who contains "instructions for
advanced space travel".

Their Mission:

- Show and promote all the positive aspects of Greece and its art, its culture or its language.

- Restore the ancient moral values and the Greek way of life.

- Unify all the peoples of the earth under the “Apollo’s Light ".

- Militarily defend the Greece with the science and the technology.

- Fight against what they call “The Jewish darkness ", an eternal fight between the light, and the darkness. *

- Be the secret ultimate weapon of reprisals supposed to attack and destroy countries like Turkey or Albania, or
"whoever would threaten the Greek people". *

*(Info from wiki, certainly fantasy from fanatics, but important info because of the Campers' talks:
"Take care to darkness".)

=> GTA' Epsilon has a mission too: Save their followers by making them "travel to Planet X"
They also use to claim the American superiority, and hate other countries, especially Australia.
And of course, they try to unify all the people of Earth under the "Kifflom enlightenment"


Epsilon Team' symbol :
It’s a Delphian Epsilon,
Two Epsilons connected back to back and supposedly appearing on their UFOs and on ancient Greek and
Inca monuments.
The UFOs are supposed to be build with the word "Freedom" on them.
It is also employed to represent the brain and its two hemispheres.

This symbol was really used in the past...It was special the Apollo' one.
Center, carved on a rock.

A story of Apollo.

- Delphian Epsilon mixed with the  Sun of Vergina

- Chorozon
This strange Webpage talks about the Delphian Epsilon :

The Tree of life, with the Snake on:

"Choronzon symbol is the lightening flash popular amongst fascist and various occult organizations."

Here the symbol printed on a UFO:

=> The logo of the brand " Eris " in GTA

The origins of Epsilon Team

No clear timeline of the Epsilon team can be traced mainly because people who support its existence or
claim to be members, connoisseurs or even its representatives all give very different and incoherent versions
of the story.

Some of them claim that the Epsilon team has existed in some form since the first forms of Greek civilization,
and that its members included ancient philosophers, historians, scientists, and politicians like Plato, Aristotle,
Pericles, Socrates. Others don't do well into antiquity but claim that the "contemporary" form of the Epsilon
team as a secret society dates back to the post World War II period, founded as a secret society by Greek
scientists working in the United States and economically backed up by people like Aristotle’s Onassis and others.

We found a possible explanation about the legend of Team Epsilon in a part of the Greek press, or a few nationalistic and
mystical magazines which propagated a real fear of the emergence of an international anti-Greek feeling, an idea which
facilitated in return, the emergence of an idea of superiority of the ancient Greek civilization with its people and its culture,
by mixing historic data with cryptanalyst,occult, and especially anti-Semitic (Team Epsilon is considered as a contrary of
Jew lobby who is supposed to dominate the world, by proclaiming the Greek people "Chosen people".)

The idea of a Team Epsilon equivalent to Jew Golem, A kind of secret weapon created to protect the Greeks against all the
enemies, as a discreet but powerful guard, ready to chastise the " barbaric troops ", which secretly, want to destroy Greek
people. These ideas were an answer to the Anti-Greek theories which apparently, seem to prosper worldwide, especially in
North America and Israel.

This term was used the first by Ioannis Fouraki. But after, it was used by a lot of writers ( Like Liakopoulos), in a cycle of
Eschatological, Messianic, pseudo historic, pseudoscientific, and national Mysticism books which form now a complex Myth,
without official existence. An interesting point of view on the question is the point of view of the Journalist G.Palmos, who
abandons any idea to produce a Chronology or description clarifies simply by advancing the fact that Team Epsilon would
be more an " eternal Greek spiritual common " than a secret society or an organized company.

=> GTA' Epsilon is really paranoid about strangers, as we can see with Dwayne Thorn, a member, radio host.

If Epsilon Team is a branch of something bigger, let's look at the Tree,
The Greek Conspiracy Theory.

There is no official name for this Conspiracy Theory, but it sometimes been labeled as Hellenocentrism or Archeolatry.
Hellenocentrism was a cultural movement in early 20th-century Greece, whose aim was to promote Greek
independence and the creation of a Modern Greek civilization based on the country's traditions and cultural

The term Archeolatry, normally reserved for followers of the ancient Greek religion and admirers of the ancient Greek
civilization, is sometimes used for these generic movements when revolving around the superiority of ancient Greeks.
The followers of these theories are generally hosts of television show, specialized to sale their books and their ideas
in big commercial show. "Alter", with Kostas Hardavellas and his occult program, and "Teleasty", with Georgios

=> A lot of GTA Epsilonists are Radio Hosts: Billy dexter, Marvin Trill, Dwayne Thorn, and spend their time
to promote Epsilon's ideas.

As for much of conspiracy Theories, Hellenocentrism is divided in groups.

Here, it's Pro-monks, and Anti-monks:

-The Anti-monk
Some are  heretics, and agree with the theorists
The other factions are Dodecatheists (worshipers of the twelve great worshipers of Greek antiquity), and consider
Christianity and Judaism as religions which replaced the old Greek Pantheon.
They are opposed to the Christendom, which they regard as partisans of the “Zionist plot” aiming at exterminating the
old Greek religion. Some of these factions have Marcionics (Gnostic )ideas concerning the Old Testament, rejected just
like Hebraic Mythology.

-The Pro-Monk are devoted to Orthodox Christians, and believe that the Orthodox Church can protect and guide people
against the Anti-monks of the new world order.
Some of the theories have eschatological elements resembling apocalyptic writings from eastern religions (including its
Messianic expectations, or the belief in an imminent Armageddon between forces of Good and Evil), mixed with obscuria
from Greek mythology, such as claims that the Olympian gods were deified humans who became immortal.

For example Keramidas which used the Epsilon term for create his own Messianic and racist theory based on the Judeo-
Christian model, strewed with old Gods names, and a new design of the Greek Pantheon derived from the texts of Euemerus.
Some Greeks started to ask themselves questions about the cogency of the abandonment of the old religions in favor of the
Church (Orthodox). Number of them became atheists, others returned to the old Greek religions, called “Pagan” religions.
It was bad for them because Pagans were wrongly associated with the Ultranationalists and racists writings of Keramidas.
The Keramidas business earned no badly money by selling its books.

=> Cris Formage also send a lot of books "It happened to us all"
- GTA' Epsilon also believe in an imminent Armageddon, Marvin Trill dug a Bunker to protect him and his "friends" against the
Y2K, and now, is building a Space ship to escape to another planet!
Steven Henderson declare that we will all die by Global Warming and Alien invasion.

What Keramidas and his followers think ?

-Greek are higher than the other nations, because their DNA is different, like their skeleton, which implies that the Greeks are
reclassified like another mankind.

-They hold of the Messianic remarks, by affirming that Syrians, or the Epsilon Team will come to save Greece in 2011 or 2012.

-They present the myths and the legends of the old culture like historical facts, and put aside the real archeology and the history,
learned at school.

- Eschatology, at least some Eschatologists, speak about the end of time in Apocalyptic manner. Others envisage a passage rather
has a radically different world order.

-They see in the Greek words a philosophical or religious significance, through

 Numerology, or Gematria.

=> GTA Epsilon also present their myth and legends like historical facts, and put side the real archaeology and the history, as we can
see in Kifflom Teaser:

1. The world is 157 years old - FACT!
2. Dinosaurs are a lie that people believe because they are weak - FACT!
6. Sperm does not exist - it is a lie spread by biology teachers - along with everything else you have ever been told - FACT!

And it use Numerology too...

The opponents

The partisans of the Hellenocentrism are considered as quacks and ideological swindlers by lot of people. Here is some critics :

- The " Critical conservative Orthodox " website advances that " Hellenocentrism and Team Epsilon myth are a Neo-fascist and
neo-heathen product. "
The Hellenocentrism supporters said that the webmaster of this site was a "Fanatic monk".

- "Greek Language Blog" satirizes the actions of Dimosthenis Liakopoulos, denouncing him as a speculator who takes advantage
of the naivety of people and who are propagating the Fanaticism and the idiocy.
Liakopoulos bring a lawsuit against the hosts of the blog …

- All the followers maintain that Team Epsilon always helped and protected the Greek people and their culture across the centuries.
However they find nothing to say when their detractors ask them about where was Team Epsilon during the dark Greek history
periods, like fall of Constantinople, or the 400 years of Ottoman dominion."

=> Truth accuse Epsilonists to "do not see the biggest picture", and call the Cult Farmers "Fascists".
Leanne Forge insult the sect by telling:
"Plus-the Epsilon tract-a psychotic power-hungry cult running the government and Vinewood."

And we know an anti-religious extremely opposed to Cris Formage and Epsilon, it's Darius Fontaine, and his inversion therapy.

We found several links between those 2 sects:

-They have the same name,
-They use rediscovered ancient secret Technology ,
-They built Space ships,
-They think they have Alien Ancestors,
-They believe Armageddon is near,
-They put aside the real archeology and history, giving wrong info,
-They use conspiracy shows to promote their ideas,
-They want to save their countries,
-They claims their countries' superiority,
-They try to unify people under their god, of course.
-Their Guru send a lot of books.
-We find the same logo in GTA than in the Greek sect

So, there is chances that Greek Epsilon Team provided inspiration to Rockstar for creating their Epsilon Group.

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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