Fred Melamed

You all know the deep voice of Cris Formage, preaching for Epsilon in Entertaining america...There is a man behind, an actor,

Fred Melamed

Since a long time, we only know 4 records with the voice of Cris Formage, and a lot of Hunters were, and are still looking for
Are there more Cris Formage's records, can we see him, or talk to him in the game, after having unlocked the Epsilon secret?

The only person who knows that is Cris Formage himself...

So of course, Fred Melamed...

He is the person who recorded the voice of Cris Formage, so he must knows everything Cris Formage said, how many
messages he recorded, and perhaps a lot of info we don't know...

So I mailed him...

...And he answered!

Here the Digest of our talks:

November 16, 2009

Hi Fred ^^

your voice is a sort of legend for each Hunter in the world, who listened it again, and again, and again...^^
Do you have any recalls of how many texts Rockstar games asked you to record? More than 4?
Do you remember, or kept scripts of those texts?

Hi Hebus,

It was a few years back, but I believe it was only 4 texts for Rockstar.

I'm afraid I did not take the texts out of the recording studio. My portions were directed by Lazlow.
Rockstar guards the secrecy of the projects
very seriously, so no actors are allowed to remove any written material from their

I auditionrd for the role of Cris Formage, and was encouraged by Laslow to improvise quite a bit at the recordings, which I

I only have a Macintosh computer and a Wii, so even though Rockstar kindly sent me copies of the game, I have never actually
seen or played it.


It's like if Cris Formage answered himself  :O))

Thanks, it's a source of info for us...Now we are sure there is only 4 texts, so we know that Cris Formage never say nothing more
in the game, it will help us.

Another question:

Do you remember what parts of the texts you improvised?
It's important because we are looking for logical clues in the texts...
And if a detail was improvised, it's useless to investigate on it.

I'm not completely sure, but I don't think any of the Chris stuff was improvised, only other commercials. That's the way I believe
it was.
By the way,
if you interest any women in the free-love Epsilon way of life, by all means let me know. I'd like to make a personal

Lol, thanks a lot for the time you spent, Fred, Happiness and Kifflom!

Amazing...An actor who has NO TIME, spend a few minutes just to help the Hunters...World is wonderful!

In fact, even though he almost perfectly remembers the job he has done for R* (at least the Epsilon' free-love way of life ^^),
he seems to doesn’t know any more about the sect or Cris...

However we learned 2 Things :

- 1 Fred Melamed has a great sense of humor ^^

- 2 Cris doesn’t say more in GTA, so there is no hidden messages from him in the game, and we can't see him, or at least, we
can't speak to him, so there is no secret mission or videos with Cris Formage.

All the hunts based on the hope to see the guru one day are probably...Useless.

We still don't know what to look for, but we know what not to look for... ^^

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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