Easter Island

What secret is hidden on Easter Island?
Steven Henderson declares that a terrible danger sleeps under our feets.
He says that the danger is real, with millions Alien babies incubating under tectonic plates, awaiting their signal to blow out of
volcanoes and make love to our women.


Alien invaders
-As we can read on his Website in GTA 4, he believes that Easter Island Statues, the "Moai", were not made by humans, but by
"Extraterrestrial eco-warriors witch wanted to use it as a test for World domination and sexual games".

The Aliens burrowed into the Earth's core and morphed into hideous magma monsters which love to
terrorize the people and see them making love ( a tradition still running now in
Pitcairn Islands), driving them to self-destruction
by Global Warming.
Since that, Aliens stayed incubating underground, watching, and waiting, like Alien Easter (Island) Eggs.
We can also find this idea of perverts Aliens in another GTA4' Website: "
Look also our article about

Monkey Graffiti
-He also told that when Europeans discovered this Island in 1722, there they found the Monkey Graffiti (And empty beer cans).
Apparently, The government says that this Graffiti is still undecipherable, but in fact he contents a serie of records left behind by the
Aliens and contains a prophecy of man's self-destruction trough global warming, instructions for advanced space travel, setting up
a wireless network, and the date on which the Aliens will arise once more to take control of our planet.

=> We can see this sort of thinking, that ancient people let us read writings which contains instructions for advanced technologies in
Greek Epsilon Team, a real sect who have a allot of links with our Epsilon.

=> In the game, we find little arcade games everywhere, and one of them in call "Space Monkey"...

Is this a clue, or just a coincidence?

Fossil Record
Look what a caller say to Cris during his Interview:

"Hey, Chris, Epsilon sounds awesome! But if you read the fossil record, hunter-gatherer dudes had it made.
I mean who wouldn't want to drag their women around by their hair? They smoked anything they could find!
That's like so freaking cool! Then all the men would like disappear for days at a time, and you'd only hear beasts
shrieking in the distance."

Mystery Hunters are searching since a long time what this caller means by "Fossil record"...Perhaps the Monkey Graffiti!

"They smoked everything they could find" could be a reference to the fact that Easter Island People used all the trees they had.
And "All the men would like to disappear" could be a reference to the fact that nobody survived.


If Steven Henderson is not totally mad, than we possibly find the foundation of Epsilon religion here:

Aliens eco-Warriors used Easter Island as a test site for World Domination trough Sexual games.
They terrorized the People of this Island, causing the complete disintegration of their society.
And since then, they plan global destruction of the environment, trough the use of Mankind.
Still under the Earth's core, they wait for the moment to arise once more...
But ancient natives from Easter island led us to the Monkey Graffiti, a serie of records left behind by the Aliens, and containing a
prophecy of man's self-destruction trough global warming, instructions for advanced space travel, setting up a wireless network,
and the date on which the Aliens will arise once more to take control of our planet.

Is Epsilon our salvation?
The Monkey Graffiti is perhaps the only way to figure out a way to effectively fight against Aliens, but if it is undecipherable,
how do we know what it contains?
Look at what Steven Henderson says:

"The Leaders of World's superpowers have access to a top-secret translation of this graffiti and 500 people
are preparing to escape to PlanetX in a special shuttle:
Area 53 "
Did Steven not understood what Marvin meant by "spaceship" when he spoke about his Bunker, or did Marvin really
started to built a shuttle?

If Marvin Trill is really building it with Epsilon's money, and has a translation of the Monkey Graffiti...

Steven is simply saying that
Epsilon is one of World superpowers' leaders!
And their goal is to save followers by traveling to
Planet X!

Is Monkey Graffiti the Epsilon Tract ?
We know that Monkey Graffiti contains instructions for advanced technology...

Look what Cris says in his commercials:
"All you have to do is read and understand the Epsilon Tract, and the secrets of universe will be open to you."

And what Billy Dexter says in his radio show:
"Then, I will explain the secrets of the Universe to everyone!"

=> The tract apparently, can explain all the secrets of the Universe to us, so it must contain a lot of writings about advanced technologies,
as the Monkey Graffiti.

Look at what we can read about the Tract on the Kifflom Teaser:
"Although the TRACT has not yet been written, it can still be read by those that are willing to read it."

=> The Tract could be based on the Monkey Graffiti.
If it's not yet written, you could know what he will contains by reading the Monkey Graffiti, and we know that Epsilonists have a translation
of it...
So, Epsilonists, at least the better ones, can read the tract, or the base of it, even if it's not yet written.

Maccer, an Epsilonist, leads a rock Band named "Gurning Chimps", and he speaks about the Tract in his teaser...

Others references to Easter Island in San Andreas
At "Arco del oeste"we can see a hut who have the look of an Easter island statue, a strange place where we go for 2 missions in the

"Interdiction", given by Toreno,
"Don Peyote", given by Truth.

Look how strange this hut is:

In Las Venturas, there is a strange motel, refering to Easter Island, or at least, islands ^^:

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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