Conspiracy theory

The idea that Government always lies to us runs in real life as in GTA games...Welcome in a Paranoid World!
Here we tried to collect all the Conspiracy ideas we found in GTA games.

- Contaminated Water
The lead Conspiracy idea in GTA seems to be the hypothesis that Government add chemicals in water...
What is their target?

Marvin Trill hosts a Conspiracy radio show named "Area 53".

-He denounces Government dealings like adding strange things into water:
"Why would be worry about a chemical that the government puts into the water?"

"The FDA is infiltrated by the very device they are supposed to regulate."
=> The real Food and Drugs Administration is all the times accused to confuse people.

Marvin says also that "Childs are aliens"

Truth calls him and says comparable thing: "That, and female hormones in the water supply."

During the game, he needs our help in the mission "Green Goo"...
Perhaps the most important in the game because of the Truth's interest for what we have to steal now...
This thing, as Truth says, “ this can explain everything, it's the beginning of the new age, the year O “!

C.J. has to use the Jetpack and meet a train protected by several soldiers, kill them, and steal a sort of...
Crystal egg full of a strange green gel.

Toreno ask us to carry a plane loaded with tanks full of Green Goo in the mission N.O.E.
The name himself, NOE, drive us to think that it could contain a sort of D.N.A, or why not, an Embryo...

Investigating all of it, we found strange links based on this idea, in our article "Sprunk and Green Goo".

-Mind Control.

-Minds are control by (electrical) devices.

In the mission "Are you going to San Fierro", he puts aluminum foil on his head explaining it's against microwaves which
control your mind, and tell us that there is 23 Government's satellites spying us all the time, and 23 religious relics in the Pentagon.

In the mission "Wear flowers in your hair" Truth wants us to wait near of the San Fierro Hospital.
Then, a grey van pulls up, and Truth asks us to think of a 'yellow rubber duck', as to prevent someone to read
your real thoughts. When C.J. ask him what is happening, Truth answers that he don't have to know...If he don't want to also have
an hypodermic neurophone in the ass in less than one month!

Then he directs you to the police station, where the same van appears again. Truth this time, tell us to think of a pink golf ball...
He seems to have got something confirmed by these sightings, but he won't tell you what this was about.

-Last mission: "Don peyote".
C.J.: Truth, is that you?
Truth: Might be...Might be a government algorithm trying to pick up your brains, so don't admit anything! (...)

GTA4 Website
In liesdamnlies we learn a lot of interesting things about mind control and mass surveillance.

-Man never walks on the Moon

-Men never walk on the moon and WW2 never happened (As Toreno says).
=> The idea of men never walked on the moon exists in reality too.

Are you going to San Fierro Man never walked on the moon

GTA Vice City
There is an Easter egg about that...A cinema stage with a false L.E.M.,
As if someone made here the movie that everybody saw in 1969...

-Marvin and Truth other strange ideas:


-It's good for economy to live in constant fear.
=> Real at this time...

-The Government recruit school children to beat the others in school.
=> Sometimes we find people who think that if they are losers, it's because of the others...Here it's the Government's fault.

-Gold Fish are Communist spies.
=> Paranoids, I warned you!

-News men lie about weather balloons.
=> Reference to Roswell crash

-Cheese is the latest weapon in the battle against communism.
=> What the fuck? ^^

-In the mission Are you going to San Fierro he says that Kennedy lives in Scotland with Janis Joplin, and the cold war existed
because of Serpent-head Aliens controlling petrol...

-In the mission "Black Project", Truth want we steal a Jetpack for him, in the "Area 69", reproduction of the real "Area 51".
Here we learn that Truth think the government is lying to us, and tells C.J. what he's doing for Toreno is dangerous.

Epsilon against Conspiracy?

Those writings drive us to think that Epsilon is against Conspiracy theory, but take a look at what Leanne Forge,
Host on WCTR News says about the sect:

Leanne Forge, WCTR news, reporting what the morning memo tells us

"Pornography in preschool-a sickening shortage! And-shiny compact discs
turning your children into killers! Plus-the Epsilon tract-a psychotic
power-hungry cult running the government and Vinewood. Or, an idea whose
time has come! The WCTR team spoke to one member."

=> Epsilon is running the Government...With what target?

-Spy on them, or on contrary, play the same game, participate in Conspiracy?

Look at Vice City Stories radio's New World Order

=> Here, Dwayne Thorn, an Epsilon follower, tells that people needs to be manipulate, and gives tips to make part of the
New World Order

Conspiracy Websites in gta4

First, THE Conspiracy site, where dozens of really far away ideas are exposed:

In this one, we learn that Government Lies about the translation of an important ancient text:

Here, Marvin Trill, again, tell us to do not believe what "they" told us:

And now, have a look on a real sect looking like GTA Epsilon, and speaking about Conspiracy too, the Greek Epsilon Team

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
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