MyEpsilon Daily News

Hey hunters, here's Hebus, I miss you, and the Hunt, perhaps it's time
to make all of this live again, join me at:

I don't remember who have the keys of our Youtube channel,
I just would like to work on it, please call me!

Edit: Welcome on bord, Fenix Team Squad!!!
A proned name for the reborn of this website...

Ok Fenix, here what is needed:

In the game:

-Walkthroughs of Epsilon missions and freaks, with English subtitles;

-Walkthroughs of Altruists missions with english subtitles;

-Walkthroughs of UFO missions with english subtitles;

(Original walkthrough, not the one we already can find on Youtube,
if possible in HD because I'll take several screenshots of them.)

-Screenshots of the GTA5 in game website of Epsilon, all the pages;

-Screenshots of the GTA5 in game website of altruists, all the pages;

-Screenshots of the GTA5 in game website of children of the mountain, all the pages;

-Screenshots of the chiliad mystery map;

-Screnshots of the 4 UFO foundable in the game (abduction camp,
Military area, Chiliad, and under the sea)

-And everything else related to Epsilon, sects, or UFOS, it will be edited as soon as
new pictures will be added.

In the real internet:

-Screenshots of all the pages of the Twitter "Epsilonism today" and every other official talks from Rockstar about
Epsilon, sects and UFOs.

-The 12 goals of epsilonism (directly from an official Rockstar source).

-The epsilonist pledge (after # 31 "invest in yourself", if there are more).

-The Epsilon screensaver (the link on MEDN is dead).

-Your hypothesis and finds, if you want to share them of course.

-Your suggestions, any suggestion will be welcome (things to change, move or add in this website).

That's all for the moment, we'll see later if or how many new things will be needed, but if you manage to do that, it will really, really help!
I can't do it myself, too many things to do beside, and I play on PS3 so bad quality of pictures...
Oh by the way, all pictures and vieos will be labeled with MEDN logo, if you want to put the Fenix logo on, of course it's your right,
but please to put also the MEDN logo (picture of the Truth up of the homepage, or the one I've send on your team' private twitter).

This one:

GTA5 Epsilon missions walkthrough
Thanks to Fenix team for this video!

You guys are now STARS, gods for all the Hunters!
So please, please, contact us, on our board, to share this wonderful experience with us, we've got plenty of questions to ask you,
so you will be really kind to log on The Epsilon Project.

Can't imagine how much you are happy, congratulations from the MyEpsilon Daily News Crew!!!

Open Tweet to Epsilonism today...

Dear Epsilonism Today,
We hope that, with all the tweets we sent you, you are aware of our existence. Please, don't think of us as mere trolls.
We are a community of gamers who are extremely passionate about Grand Theft Auto games. Instead of spending our time
completing missions and killing people, we search every nook and cranny your games provide, we actively listen to the radio,
and we actively listen to the talks of the pedestrians scattered throughout the virtual environments you create. It's not just the
Epsilon program we're fascinated with, but the whole virtual world; and it's an almost religious delight to be immersed in these
wonderful spaces, virtual yet so vibrant and alive.
Exploring the Epsilon program, however, we ran into ambiguity. The message present on your website seems to suggest that
something is present in the game it was supposed to advertise, that is Gta San Andreas. With the assumption that something is
real about it, we, the most ardent and fanatical gamers in the gaming world, started a deep penetration into this mystery; but,
as time and years went by, we grew more and more disillusioned about Epsilon in Gta San Andreas, as every method we tried
led to nothing. We hope that, since Gta V is coming soon, you could be kind toward us and give us a clear, informative, straight
answer about the reality of Epsilon program in Gta San Andreas and if the "Join Now" message on the website has some relation
to the environment built in Gta San Andreas.
Thank you very much for you consideration.

Myepsilon Daily News Crew

Mail from Cris Formage Himself !
Confirmed by the signature: That's Cris Formage.

You get another kind of answer?
You was chosen by Rockstar?
You just want to talk about all this crazy new Epsilon stuff?
Please Join our Hunt team and board: The Epsilon Project

The epsilon screensaver !
Directly down-loadable at
Thanks to
GTASeriesVideos for this one.

The 12 tenets aren't alone anymore in epsilon literature.

12 goals and a pledge are slowly distiled by Rockstar:

The 12 goals of Epsilonism:

I- We are making an assault on happiness

II- We will be generous, in ways that are upwards and ways that are manifest

III- We will live by the proven scientific truth of the methaphors

IV- We will fight superstition, limited thinking and dogma wherever we find it

The goals of Epsilonism will continue to be revealed in due time. Kifflom.

The Epsilonist pledge:

All good things come from Kraff, that is the fact on which Epsilonism is built.
Epsilonism is a science as well as a religion - in fact, we are the only religion that is also a science and which is concerned with
seeking out truth.
As real truth seekers, we are willing to pay to make the search go better. In this way we are investing in our future.
The twelve tenets are central to our life.
As is the investment we have made in the future.
An investment that proves we are not unsavables.
We will be saved because we had the vision to invest in salvation.

And that is why we pledge our lives to the pursuit of truth.
In a fact based religion that is based on truth.

In a fact religion for people who are ready
I knew I was ready when I signed my first check
And my life became incredible.

The pledge will continue to be revealed in due time. Kifflom.

Here a copy of the Rockstar newswire page:

"The Goals and the Pledge of Epsilon will continue to be revealed in due time.

Install the Epsilon Program screensaver.

The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place. We invite you to visit one of our enlightenment centers.
Directions will be provided in one week's time.

The Pledge has been updated. And will continue to be revealed."

Finally, new hints, new reasons to Hunt, new reasons to unite our brains, to share, in order to unlock the Epsilon Mystery.

Come and join our team, The Epsilon Project

Hunters from all around the world have written the first chapter for you of this new adventure we are about to go trough together.

A new chapter in epsilon history

After several announcements a new chapter has started for all hunters to see and join the program.

Kifflom on Twitter !!!
Yea Hunters, Kifflom is alive!
Now, Rockstar has opened a special Twitter account for it.
No news on  the moment, but it could reveal that GTA5 will come out really soon...
Stay tuned, The Hunt will restart as a forest fire !
Here all the tweets with our analyzes:
Kifflom On Twitter

Here the mail you receive when you send a message to their adress:
Thank you so much for contacting the Epsilon Program. You just made a brilliant decision. The decision to challenge conventional orthodoxies and lots of entirely false and disgusting stories in the press (in response to which, trust us, we are preparing some very exciting law suits). While we cannot personally respond right away to each email, please know that we do read it and your information is cherished. For a long time. To obtain response faster, please provide your name, age, headshot, and some simple information regarding your gross income and exactly what it is you are searching for, so we can point you in the direction of the correct further study program (remember – even though some of the study programs may seem expensive, how do you put a price on the kind of knowledge that will make life a lot better? The simple fact is you don't, unless you are a fool and Epsilonists are not fools. So ask yourself: am I a fool? And if I am not, I won't worry about investing in my future in a well reasoned study program in order to know literally everything about everything, just like lots of top celebrities and thinkers – and the fact is by contacting us, you've proven you're not a fool, so you should really consider this an investment you've already made. By the way, while we are on that subject, we have some great financing opportunities available in case you cannot afford the truth but really want to know it – competitive rates and exciting investment – what could be better about salvation?). We promise based on your response we'll answer in an appropriate timeframe. 

To get answers even faster, might we recommend visiting an Epsilon Center? We have houses of worship in cities around the world. Our headquarters is in Vinewood, though in an effort to not mix business and spirituality, we're also incorporated in the Cayman Islands as dictated to our leader Cris Formage by the great Lord Kraff in a dream. Lots of top politicians and celebrities use the Cayman Islands for investments, proving what a wise decision this is. 

Why exactly did you email us today? Are you seeking truths? Truths about yourself? In today's rat race of capitalism, we often forget the important things in life. Why horde possessions or squirrel money away in a savings account when none of that brings happiness? We can show you how to use your possessions and life savings towards a better understanding and a better life! It's a life with equally minded individuals seeking approval and, through a convenient payment system, easy to understand levels of enlightenment to attain. That's the truth and it's also a fact and facts are what make Espilonism such an exciting scientific-based belief system. You've already proven you're not a fool, so now prove you're a scientist. Are you ready? 

There are truths so simple, so powerful, but you have to acquire the right tools to understand them. We can give you those tools. Look at many of our most famous members and you will see – they have the tools to make you believe they are someone they are not. They have fame and fortune and multiple partners. This is the core of Epsilonism. Seek, invest, and this time, you shall find the answers you are looking for. Or if not quite this time, then as soon as our online services program is updated to reflect a very minor argument with the IRS. * 

Won't you join us? Together we can Learn your own truth. 

Cris and the Epsilon team

*= Dear friends at the IRS - We're a religion! In FACT, we're the fastest growing religion in America, growing by lots of people recently and that is a FACT, so please don't embarrass yourselves by taking us to court. Give us the same tax breaks you give other religions or we will do something really nasty, without you even knowing it was us, even though Epsilonism is a religion of truth and understanding, we also know how to set fire to things remotely and cause lots of other bad problems.
Clearly, that's the starting point of the future online studying program...
Still to check if phone and fax number (that was changed a few times ago)also works.

Kifflom teaser : New updates!
Rockstar have recently updated 2 pages of the Kifflom teaser...
"Join Now", and "Give to the Program"
Giving a new fax number , "1 555 FUN CULT" instead of "1 866 FUN CULT" ,
and deleting the name "Grand Canaria" from the "give" page;

And moving 2 words in the Kifflom message of the "Join" page: "To" and "Kraff"
Click Here for the comparisons between those 2 pages.

They recently updated again the "Join now" page, with the "join us in Lost Santos" picture.

More and more hints for a future come back of Epsilon in GTA5, or another Rockstar game !

Kifflom constellations, new finds!!!
Remember the Startrack article, talking about the constellations we can see behind the Rockstar logo in the Kifflom teaser?

Here a complete pasting job of it:

We found it was Toucan and Peacock, 2 real constellations of south hemisphere...
As we can see, there is their short names in the map, "TUC", and "PAV", for Tucana and Pavo, their scientists names.
There is also "IND", for Indus, another constellation not designed on the map(but we'll come back to it later^^).

Here those 3 constellations, in reality:
There is several ways to design the constellations, all depend of you're country culture...
That's why it doesn't look exactly to the Kifflom picture, by a quick wiki search, we managed to find
exactly the shape of Kifflom's Tucana in reality...But impossible to find the good shape for Pavo!
The left of the constellation was right, but impossible to find its right designed like the Kifflom one,
In the web, books, or crystal balls, it didn't exist !

Or it wasn't well placed...

When we look closely to kifflom' Pavo, we can see its right side, the unfindable, strangely looks to its self top!
dotted line, that makes the same angle with the usual line...what if this right part, that doesn't exist in reality,
had to be moved? Look:

It matches perfectly!
Did you point the strange arrow that seems to show a point on the up dotted line?
It's pointing a star, Beta Indus, in Indus constellation...A clue?

Yea, a clue, that drove us to get the answer about this special Pavo shape!
Let's try to overlay this Kifflom map, to the real one:

The Kifflom arrow is in fact a part of the Indian constellation!!!
The dotted triangle seems to have been made by Rockstar, as the right of Peacock(Pavo) was moved by them.
Passing by Alpha Pavo, cutting Beta Indus, then passing by Alpha Tucana, to finish to...Epsilon Pavo.

Here how should looks the Kifflom constellations:

This is a Hint!
The proof that Rockstar did it to hide something, we are on something, a great clue, that will perhaps help
to unlock the Kifflom mystery.
Perhaps the PASS itself, that is supposed to be designed in "our" brochure...
This brochure...Isn't it the Kifflom teaser?
And aren't those constellations designed in?

This dotted triangle is an "Asterism", or special configuration of stars like the Summer Triangle,
But nobody in reality know this kifflom triangle, it doesn't exist in reality...
Usually, those asterisms are used to show the most luminous stars of constellations, but the ones shown aren't!

More about those constellations and stars Hunt in general?
Read at Startrack

Want to join the Hunt?
Help on this thread, or simply share some ideas?
Please to join our board: The Epsilon Project

Kifflom Merchandise available !!!

A lead for Epsilon having a huge place into GTA5 scenario ?
The merchandise is out now, so if we believe Epsilonism Today, the Epsilon Study Program will follow, soon.
A special update of the Kifflom site, or directly the game ?
Go to "apparel and collectibles", and enter "Kifflom", or "Epsilon" in the search option.
Thanks to C21Chuck for this info.)

No Clue hidden inside...
The only thing you receive with the shrit is a pack of stickers, 9 ones, with the rockstar logo on...
Thank you guys! (
And thanks to Drakthmar for this info.)
-Last news, apparently there is no more stickers sent with the shirt.-

More about the Kifflom Tee ?
Read our Article: Kifflom Tee

eXsorbeo and the Worshiped Worm! (18+)
Awesome theory, that will drive you trough the space and time, on the way to Kifflom !

GTA4 ending mail!, a key to the truth?
When finishing GTA4' storyline, Niko receives a weird mail
from chiliad 8888, Admin of the site :

World of Enligtenment awaits
Expand your horizons. Go to "" to
travel the path that will allow you to unlock your inner spirit guide and know
the full potential of earthly splendor that is your right as a GOLDEN DHARMA
GOD. THESE SECRETS will allow you to read between the lines of society,
physics and logic. THE MAN is trying to keep you down. He has built this world
as your cage. BREAK FREE. You have been shown the getaway, walk through
Feel the Truth
Live in Freedom""

This message contain possible references to number of  Epsilon Texts And Talks,
As the Kifflom message, and its "Pass";
"Read between the lines", as Marvin trill say to one of his callers...
"Inner spirit", as Truth and his "Inner light"
Truth with an uppercase, as the name, and not the word...
Many ideas included in this message seems to be looking like the ones we already get about Epsilon,

So there can be chances for that message, to be linked to Epsilon itself !
And if it is right, it drive us to look at the Epsilon mystery with another angle, it give info about the creator of the world,
a golden age...If it is right, the key of the truth is hidden in Whattheydonotwantyoutoknow

And stay tuned, Hunters, because awesome leads were discovered thanks to this mail,
and are analyzed right now at the Epsilon Project' Hunting board...
Soon some new hysterical hypothesis to come, with space and time travels, invading aliens
And a new vision of what could be Kifflom !

So, clean your glasses, take of your blindfold, and stay tuned for the next news !

GTA 4 Preachers
In the streets of Liberty City, we can find weird Preachers, talking about religion.
Interesting talks that need to be overlaid with the Epsilon Myth.
Crazy, and Funny, as we love it !

Rockstar finally communicate about Epsilon!!!
(by ezio-Tomi2)
They did it by giving a link to their "Advertising council", including 2 of the 3 Epsilon commercials.
Awesome, it's the first time since GTA4 that we ear or read somewhere else references to Epsilon.
finally, Rockstar didn't abandon us, stay tuned, expecting info we haven't got yet will follow.
Rockstar' Mouthoff said there will be something to come in the Rockstar news, they didn't lie.
Thanks to all the Hunters who have take the time to mail them, it's something huge, to see the Hunt reborn from dust...
Please to comment the Rockstar article in their site if you've got a Social club account, to show them how much the
Epsilon Program is important for us.
More about this announcement Here


Donations for Haiti!
As you know, number of children in Haiti have lost everything, family, house, and even...Freedom for some of them.
Now we can find in all this country, little kids working for free for their "masters", they are slaves in fact !
Called "Restavec", they don't go to school, they don't have any health care, shoes, nothing.
They all are just...Kids, kids who think being dead will be better than their life, everyday waking up with no hope, no future.

Some foundations that take care of them, build schools, buy clothes, and try to give them another start.
So, just check at this foundation, make your own idea, and give !
Doesn't necessarily have to be this one, but choose one, and give !
Some hunters have already ask if they could donate for MyEpsilon Daily News...
No! We don't want money, we don't need it.

They do,they cry.
Help them.


Cryptanalysis of the Kifflom message !

For the ones who think the answer is hidden in the message, check our Cryptanalysis !

Readers of this site, where are you from?
Here is a list of the cities where MyEpsilon Daily News is the most read !

All the Rockstar sites, even the Kifflom Teaser, were off for a moment; the only visible thing was this picture...

We don't know a lot of things about this game, even if we suspect it to be the "Project Rush" (an early codename for some new game by R* )
"Project Rush" is known to take place in Los Angeles, and the R* development team has recently been seen there. "Project Rush" is also known
to have a character from San Andreas - James Pedeaston! He was the host of the radio show "Wild traveler". There have
also been rumours that the next GTA will be "the big one"!

If all our feelings are confirmed, get ready for the most amazing GTA ever!

Kifflom constellations revealed !!!!
Kifflom constellations revealed !!!!

Oscuro 1987 from the Epsilon Project has brought the light with his vision of the mystery!
Awesome travel in space in the Startrack Article

Mount Chiliad' Devil Legend !!!
Real Mount Chiliad was found, together with a strange legend reported by CaptainChuckles; a legend about a tree that hides...
the devil !
Want to know more ? Then read our article:
Mount Chiliad

Epsilon in LA Noire ?!
Maximo 4000 (Epsilon Project) and
Tyssmey ( have brought to us this picture of LA Noire intro...
Strange building isn't it ?
Horus eye and blue color...The leads that always drove us in the Hunt !

The Fontaine Familly !
Another Character named "Fontaine" was find in LA Noire...
Is he linked with the 2 others we know?

Join us !
The Epsilon Project
is a World Team made up of Hunters all gathered for the truth.

We need you for the Hunt ! Your ideas, your hypotheses, are all welcome on our board...
The only stupid idea is the one we don't share.
Click Here to join the Epsilon Project.
(English language but beginners accepted^^)

PS2 Secrets : A 4th Campers place !
Only on the PS2, and not every time, we can see Epsilon Campers on
the road north of the SF stadium

The Epsilon Program Mosaic, the final tool !
As Truth said, we must look at the bigger picture...
Here the best picture we can have.
Enjoy !

Campers in San Fierro !
For a long time we were looking for Epsilon Campers in San Fierro...
How did we miss them, when they are walking everyday in the south of the West beach in SF ?!

Is this guy another cultist ?
At least his talks seem to mean it...He said he had a bad Epsilon idea...

New Cultist found !
RavenVamp11, user of MyRoomOnline, the GTA4 in-game Website, declares to be here for Enlightenment, and likes Epsilon

Nothing in the woods
This false rumor is making dozens of useless hunts...

New Epsilon Detail Found In GTA 4 !
In the GTA4 website "Chiropracticovernight", we can read at the end of the "tips" :
"Sponsored by the Epsilon Program"
Found by Alex 37...

A Man with a Birthmark In GTA 4 !
Once again, Alex 37 found amazing info...

Sign The Petition !
Our friend Hunters from "Cracking The Epsilon Code" decided to make another petition in order to get more infos from Rockstar...
We need it!
We need help to make live the Hunt and Epsilon...Please sign it, and send the link to all your friends !

New revelations about the Green Goo !!
Yes, everything is different now, Truth seems to say himself that Green Goo is Alien DNA :
"There are aliens living in the state, aliens, and I held them in my own hand!
Exactly what we see on that picture !

Thanks to "Harrynbrad" from the Epsilon Project for this awesome clue !

> Read more about the Green Goo

I talked to Cris Formage...
At least with his voice in the game : Fred Melamed

> Read more about the Fred Melamed talks

The 13th Tenet.
"Women Outnumber Men by two to one in Liberty City -Fact !"
Thanks to "MythExplorers" from the Epsilon Project for this find!

> Read more about the 13 th Tenet

Hunting in GTA IV, a really strange building was discovered...
We found a building with the sign "The Fellowship Enlightenment Center" on it.
Thanks to "KraffDescendant" from the Epsilon Project for this awesome find!

> Read more about The Fellowship Enlightenment Center

Lil' Probe Inn map mystery arise!
Two Mystery Zone Hunters found a link between this map and a real star constellation, The Snake!
Thanks to Doc and Weed

> Read more about The Snake star constellation

Several links found between The Cult Farm and Kifflom !
New revelations about this symbol of the Epsilon Hunt.

Read more about The Cult Farm and Kifflom

Where did Marvin Trill disappear ?
This Epsilon Cultist, Area 53's talk show host on WCTR Radio in San Andreas, claims that he is about to entomb himself in an
"underground bunker in the desert". Why?

Read more about Marvin Trill

Easter Island Hidden secrets.
Steven Henderson declares that a terrible danger sleeps under our feet.

Read more about the secret of Easter Island

The real Epsilon Team
We investigated deeper, and discovered a number of links between a real sect, named The Epsilon Team, and the
Epsilon cult in GTA.
An immersion into a strange world where politics and religion are mixed together and 
form a complex myth.

Read more about The Epsilon Team

Any idea, info or hypothesis?
You are welcome to use our Forum : The Epsilon Project

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