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Schedule of talks

posted Sep 6, 2011, 9:11 PM by Jeffrey Helzner

Progic 2011


Saturday, September 10th – in 602 Hamilton Hall


Morning session


9:45-10:00 Opening remarks


10:00-11:00 Mixing modality and probability (yet again)

Dana Scott (Carnegie Mellon)

11:00-11:20 Q&A


10 min break


11:30-12:00 From Bayesian epistemology to inductive logic

Jon Williamson (Kent)

12:00-12:10 Q&A


5 min break


12:15-12:45 Ultralarge lotteries: dissolving the lottery paradox using non-standard analysis

Sylvia Wenmackers (Groningen)

12:45-12:55 Q&A




Afternoon session


2:25-3:25 Knowledge and uncertainty

Rohit Parikh (CUNY Graduate Center)

3:25-3:45 Q&A


5 min break


3:50-4:20 Coherence based probability logic: philosophical and psychological applications

Niki Pfeifer (Munich)

4:20-4:30 Q&A


20 min break


4:50-5:20 Matryoshka epistemology: the role of cores in belief and decision

Paul Pedersen (Carnegie Mellon)

5:20-5:30 Q&A


5:30 – 6:30 Memorial for Horacio Arlo Costa





Sunday, September 11th – in 403 IAB


Morning session


10:25-10:30 Opening announcements


10:30-11:30 Pure inductive logic

Jeff Paris (Manchester)


11:30-11:50 Q&A


10 min break


12:00-12:30 Probabilities on sentences in an expressive logic

M. Hutter (ANU), J. Lloyd (ANU), K. Ng (ANU), and W. Uther (National ICT)

12:30-12:40 Q&A




Afternoon session


2:10-2:40 Confirmation as partial entailment: a representation theorem in inductive logic

Vincenzo Crupi (Munich) and Katya Tentori (Trento)

2:40-2:50 Q&A


5 min break


2:55-3:25 On a priori and a posteriori reasoning

Anubav Vasudevan (Chicago)

3:25-3:35 Q&A


10 min break


3:45-4:45 Objective probabilities, generic trials, and illusory dilations

Haim Gaifman (Columbia)

4:45-5:05 Q&A


5:05-5:15 Closing remarks