USPP <New> Universal Serial Port Python

Universal Serial Port Library for Python

Last Update:26-September-2007

This was an attempt to upgarde the existing USPP project. The major changes were in the Windows Serial Port class. Python Universal Serial Port Package is a great tool for Embedded Enthuziasts. The new lib has been tested successfully for the USB serial ports and has been seen to work flawlessly.

The original work of Mr. Issac can be found at

We have added the following functionality for the Windows version:

1. Serial Port Break condition - both Set and Clear Function have been implemented (14-Sep-07)

2. RTS, DTR - on and off functions included (14-Sep-07)

3. CTS, DSR - Input Scann updated (14-Sep-07)

4. Includable configuration implemented (21-September-2007)

5. Handler Problem if USB Serial Port doesnt exist solved (26-Sep-07)


Known Issues:

The function inWaiting is not working. I am still not sure why. If any one is able to sort this issue please let me know.

Here is a link to the most recent versions:


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