AVRsulabh- Parallel Programmer for AVR Microcontrollers

The simple easy cheap and useful AVR Parallel Programmer 

There is always some cases where the AVR Chips get locked or have problems with Flash programming or some Fuse bit gets wrongly programmed!!
Not everybody has a STK500 to reprogram the chip ! What to Do ???

No Problem now presenting the : - >

Poor-man's Parallel Programmer !!!
Yes, Now there wont be a chip that wont work. You wont require to run around some one to get a parallel programmer or STK500.
We have tried to put the best to make an Easy to use programmer only 3 buttons and the Sequence would help you to achieve the goal.

First Version Release: R0.0 - 3rd May 2008

In this design you can only UNLOCK the CHIPs and Erase FLASH.
The Procedure is detailed in the Schematics. This was developed in Eagle.

Future Release:

Features : Fuse Erase , Controller based Interface !!

Sneak Peek ;-) 17 May 2008

I decided on which controller would be my target :
And the Winner is !!!  ATmega16 !!!
Here is a list of possible configuration of Pins for the Micro:
  • Control Pins
    • PC7 - i/p - RDY/#BSY
    • PC6 - o/p - #OE1
    • PC5 - o/p - #WR
    • PC4 - o/p - BS1
    • PC3 - o/p - XA0
    • PC2 - o/p - XA1
    • PC1 - o/p - PAGEL
    • PC0 - o/p - BS2
  • Clocking Pins
    • PD7 - o/p - XTAL1
  • Data Pins
    • PA0 - PA7 = D0 - D7
  • Power Control Pins
    • PD4 - VPP2 (+5V control)
    • PD5 - VPP1 (+12V control)
    • PD6 - VCC Conrtol
  • Interface Pins
    • PB0 - SW1 & SW2
    • PB1 - SW3 & SW4
    • PB2 - IND1 (LED 1 & LED2)
    • PB3 - IND2 (LED3 & LED4)
  • USB Pins
    • PD3 - USB DP
    • PD2 - USB DM (INT0)
  • SPI Programming Pins
    • PB4 - PB7
Lets see how this goes. We have just conceptualized the idea.
Following are our Requirement from this design:
1. Apparatus to auto identify the target chip for stand alone operation
2. Apparatus to provide independent SPI port for future ISP type target  programming
3. Apparatus should be able to clear the fuse and set default values by click of a single button

Assembled First Proto Main Board (No Supply at present) 30 May 2008

Picture shows my assembly of the Main board. I plan to put more hardware to have the power supply and other control funtions done.


Any Queries and suggestion are always welcome :-)

AVR Rulez,

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Mera Bharat Mahan