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कोशिस करने वालो की कभी हार नही होती !
Those who Try will never Lose - by Hiribansrai Bachan (My moto that has helped me do all this possible)

There are many development projects that were done by me and here are a few of them:

1. USPP - Unversal Serial Port library for Python - Continuing Mr Isaac's Good Work

2. WIZnet W5100 Library for Eagle PCB

3. Simple AVR Serial Port Programmer Using SMD components and can fit into the serial port connector 
     hood itself.

4. Fast AVR Autobauding Algorithm Using Timer1 and the Calculated Baud Value is loaded to the UART 

5. Tutorial to Make PonyProg run from AVR Studio - Good thing to speed up development.

6. AVRsulabh - Poor-Man's AVR Parallel Programmer

7. King of TI application Note on MSP430 Design Techniques - Download 5.6MB

8. Cheap Isolated RS232 port with max baud rate of 9600 & self power circuit on RS232 Side

9. Stiill thinking what to include 


Any way you can browse through some of my links:

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