messa a punto di alcuni paradigmi gnoseologici


Messa a Punto di Alcuni Paradigmi Gnoseologici showcases a selection of songs taken from the repertoire of the project, creating a unique music show with theatrical elements, and a degree of interaction with the audience. The show is loosely inspired – without any parodistic intent – to the structure of the Catholic mass, which has been chosen because of its quintessential theatrality, representing a perfect arena for the discussion of those paradigms, of those fundaments of human thought which – unless you are lucky enough to be homosexual, a scholar, an artist, an atheist, an immigrant and so on – rarely people get to question at all.


It is the first instalment of a future trilogy of concerts/shows that will group the project’s compositions – those already existing as well as some written for this purpose – into three thematic units:

Atheism – Homosexuality – Childhood.

Please, click here to download the program of the concert as a word file