GAY LIFE IN ITALY, Gay life? Are you kidding? 
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Gay life? Are you kidding? Gay guys here in Italy aren’t even allowed to speak the word gay. In Italy in schools and also in universities everything is hetero. If you see a guy going hand in hand with his boyfriend, be sure, the guy comes from elsewhere, not from Italy. In Italy everyone is allowed to do everything but the gays. Why? Because in Italy really gays doesn’t even exist, their life is only a virtual internet life. You can search for them whenever you like you’ll never find one in real life places. In Italy you can ask gay guys: “Are you gay?” 99% will respond. “Not at all! I’m just 100% straight!” Italian gay guys sometimes don’t even understand they are gay because of a strictly heterosexual education. What’s the biggest problem for us gay guys in Italy? Clearly to get aware that you aren’t the only gay in the universe! But now Internet helped to change things a lot. Where are Italian gay guys? They are on the net, chatting, searching for love (not only for sex), sometimes helping each other, sometimes happy, sometimes depressed. Is it the same also in your countries? Please let us know!

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