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Name: Soon-Jae Kwon

Nationality: Korean (South Korea)

Current Position & Address in Korea:



Department of Business Administration,

Daegu University

Naeriri 15, JinRayng,

Kyong San, 712-714, Korea

Tel: +82-10-2722-8757

Fax: +82-53-850-6238



1.  Personal Information

 Born in Busan, Korea

Married and one child


2. Education

  (1) Doctoral degree

 Ph.D. in Management Information Systems, August 2006

 School of Business Administration

 Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea.

  Ph.D. Dissertation: Formalism in Cognitive Map and Its Applications to Electronic

 Commerce Decision Makings.

 (2) Master’s degree

 MSc. in Management Information Systems

 School of Business Administration

Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea.

  Master Thesis : Knowledge Management Index Development based on Strategic

 Framework for Knowledge Management.

  (3) Bachelor’s degree

 BA. in Accounting

 Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea.


 3. Courses Taught

 (1) Undergraduate:

Electronic Commerce, Internet Business Models, Management Information Systems, Computer Applications in Management, Accounting Information Systems, Management Principles, Database Management

 (2) Graduate:

Database Management, Customer Relationship Management


4. Academic Development

 2000-To date Part-Time Lecturer

School of Business Administration Sungkyunkwan University

In this position, my primary responsibilities were teaching Management Information Systems, Computer Applications in Management, Management Principles.

 1998-2005 Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant

School of Business Administration Sungkyunkwan University.

Primary responsibilities for research, course material development, and project execution.


 5. Awards

 Best Paper Award (Paper Title: “Fun Evolution Model for Social Network Services (SNS), Korea Knowledge Management Society, 2013.

 Best Paper Award (Paper Title: “An Extended AND-OR Graph-based Expert Systems in Electronic Commerce”), Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, 2001.

 Best Paper Award (Paper Title: “An Empirical Approach to the Influence of IT Assets and Information Security Service on Information Security Quality and Satisfaction”), Korea Operation Research and Management Science Society, 2006.

 Best Paper Award of IBM Global Business Services (Paper Title: “The use of cognitive maps and case-based reasoning for B2B negotiation”), Korea Management Information Systems Society, 2006.


6. Publications


 (1) Published Articles


Soonjae Kwon, "Ontological semantic inference based on cognitive map," Expert systems with Applications (SCIE), 41, 2981-2988. 2014. 

Soonjae Kwon, "Trends of Semantic web Services and Business Support," Software and Database Technologies(SCOPUS), 275-279, 2011.

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(2) Book Chapters

 Soon-Jae Kwon, “A cognitive map-driven framework for decision support in B2B electronic commerce”, in (ed) Gupta, J. Forgionne, G. and M. Mora Intelligent Decision-Making Support Systems: Foundations, Applications and Challenges, Springer-Verlag London, 2006. 167-186. (with Kun-Chang Lee).


(3) Refereed Proceedings

 Soon-Jae Kwon, "An Empirical Study of the Business Model in the Korean Internet Stock Trading Market", International Conference on Enterprise Information System, Setubal, Portugal, 7-10 July, 2001. (with Kun-Chang Lee, Jinsung Kim, Namho Chung)

 Soon-Jae Kwon, “Knowledge Management Performance Index”, 15th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), Lyon, France, July 21-26, 2002. (with Kun-Chang Lee, Soo Cheol Joung, Byung Uk Kang)


7. Project Activities with Private & Public Companies

Forecasting Projects (applying AI techniques)

"Strategic Pricing of SM-5 Cars by Using Neural Network", Report to the Samsung Motor Company, Feb. 1998.

 “Passport ISP project” Report to the Samsung SDS, 2007.

 Decision Support Systems Projects

“A Web-Based Decision Support System for Managing the Human Resources”, Report to the Samsung Electronics Corporation (SEC), 2006. 

 Web Engineering Projects

“Data Mining Analysis of Web-Log to Induce Customizing Rules from the P2P Website”, Report to the EnWiz Company, Dec 2002.

 Product Pricing Projects

“Determine of Pigeon Price Project”, Report to the Pigeon Company, September 2005.


8. Scholarly Activities and Public Service

 Membership of International Conference Information Society (2005-Present)

Membership of Korea OR/MS Society (1998-Present)

Membership of Korea Society of MIS (1998-Present)

Membership of Korean Academic Society of Business Administration (1998-Present)

Membership of Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society (1998-Present)

Membership of Korea Marketing Association (1999-Present)



 ■ Personal Computer

DOS, Windows, MS-Office, SPSS, SAS, LISREL, AMOS (Statistics)

Clementine (Data Mining), Neuro Shell (Neural Networks), Evolver (Genetic Algorithm), VP-Expert (Expert System)


■ Programs

Excel Macro


■ Database

MS-Access, SQL


 I hereby certify that all the above statements are

true and correct to the best my knowledge.