Prof.T.Shivaji Rao,
Director, Centre for Environmental Studies,
GITAM Engineering College, Visakhapatnam-530 045.

Pranic Healing is a traditional system of healing generally followed since ancient time by the Indian mothers and grand mothers to dispel the evil spirits that make a child sick. Even today several grand mothers in most rural areas take one or two spoonful of common salt into their palm and close their fingers and move their fist anti clock-wise over the diseased organ and also from head to foot with an intention in their mind that the sickness shall disappear and throw the salt into a gutter or over hot coals. And in most cases the sick children become healthy after a few sweepings. If some villager had a fever an elderly person used to take a small branch of a green tree and wave it several times over the patient from head to foot and throw it away and the fever used to immediately go away.

It is said that Jesus Christ healed many people by his words, look, touch and transfer of energy and power. When a woman with bleeding touched the garments of Jesus it is said that some power or energy went out of him to cure the patient. Jesus is reported to have done distant healing. Today energy healing is used as a supplement to conventional allopathic medicine. Since a large number of bodily ailments or psycho-somatic and stress in modern life adds to the health problems, energy healing helps to give great relief.

Every living being has not only a physical body but also an energy body or bio-plasmic body that interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body and creates a shield around the being. The plasma is composed of positive and negative charged ions and this energy field is called Aura whose pictures are taken by Kirlian photography. Human hands can be trained and sensitized to feel this energy body by simple techniques. The inner Aura extends to about 3 to 5 inches and the outer Aura to about one meter around the physical body.

Before any sickness appears in the organs of the physical body some changes appear in the corresponding bio-plasmic body, which becomes congested or depleted in some places, indicating that the flow of vital energy or prana is adversely affected, causing malfunction of the organs. When the flow of energy is restored after removing this blocked and diseased bio-plastic matter by moving the hand from head to foot of the person or over the affected part health is restored. This system does not involve medicine or physical touch of the patient because the sick person is given fresh energy or prana through the hands that is received from the Air, ground or cosmic source. The vital energy in the sick person gets balanced to restore health.

The healer should not give energy from his body but should serve only as a conduit to pass the Divine energy through his hands to the patient. The meridians and charkas are treated to balance the energy levels of bio-plasmic body and its energy centers and channels which inturn correct the physical ailments as they are inter-connected. Master Choa Kk Sui, a Filipino of Chinese origin, is spreading the technique world over. He is a chemical engineer, a successful businessman and a Master Pranic Healer whose pioneering work has been published in several languages.

Any average person can be trained as a healer who works as a channel for transfer of life force into the patient and the healer himself has to keep up his own energy levels by following healthy life style including Pranic breathing, meditation, physical exercises, good food habits including good conduct and character. Pranic healing is successfully used to treat many kinds of ailments including headaches, cough, cold, fevers, allergy, asthma, blood pressure, skin diseases, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems etc. It is also used to treat smoking, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, phobia, suicidal tendencies by using psycho-therapy techniques. It is used for distant healing also. Pranic healing is not only mechanically used to heal the sick but is also for developing a person in the spiritual field. For more information search any website on Pranic Healing.

I have under gone training in basic and advanced pranic healing including teacher training under the auspices of Dr.Swarnamala of
.P.Pranic Healing Foundation,Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,India.