Life  And  Death

Editor  Prof.T.Shivaji Rao

What is the difference between the bodies of a person when he is alive and when he is dead? It is said that there is life in the body when the person is active and it is gone when he is dead. This phenomena is understood only by SELF REALISATION and the knowledge of the Self can be gained only by following the way shown by the great saints who attained REALISATION (Enlightenment) which is the goal of every human being.

Man loves life including his friends. It is not the material form of the friend that we love but the life, the vital force, the soul which recites within. When life goes, we stop loving the dead body and so it is not the material body that is loved, but the SOUL, the inner spirit. And that self or spirit, (Latin word “ Spiritus , i.e Breath, Prana implying Life, Intelligence, consciousness)  is deathless. The soul is dragged by desires. It assumes different forms and lives in different bodies and when it knows its true nature then it becomes one with the Universal Self.

While the mind is restless and constantly changing, the self is changeless. You are That. Atman or Soul exists in every living being. But as long as you dwell on the gross material plane, you cannot see the SOUL. When you go within, you will find your True Self and you will realize that it is birth less, formless, infinite and Eternal. Even if the Soul is the descendant of the Eternal Being (Immortal, infinite) if we are not conscious of it, we will suffer with constant fear of death. And knowledge alone will remove such fear of death and suffering.


We may carefully listen to the preachings of the saints, but we must dispel the veil of darkness by our own efforts. Only as and when we realize our HIGHER SELF then only we will be able to help others to tread over the path of Liberation..


We must treat the body as an instrument of the SOUL or as the Temple of the God and hence we must keep it hale and healthy and thereby accomplish the purpose of life. The person who truly understands this life, he only knows the connection with the other life after death and takes up his next duties easily and hence he lives without fear and only to fulfill the commands of the God.

If he faces misfortune he sees the Will of God working through it and that pain and pleasure are merely the manifestations of the Divine Will and the divinity radiates through his thought, word and action.


Knowing the undying nature of the soul, a man boldly declares, Death cannot harm me St. Paul said  the last enemy that shall be destroyed is Death. By this wisdom we overcome the ignorance of what is subject to death and what is not subject to death. We realise that there is no death for the REAL. We know that the Soul inside, which is the spark or part of God, will never die.