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My Vision and Mission:

The bottom line of any education reform is based upon developing students' learning quality. 
From this cornerstone, I have implemented my vision and mission which aim to engage my students in their learning process by improving classroom practices which meets their individual 
learning preferences. 
Furthermore, one of the capstones of my attitude towards teaching is to consider students' diversity as a resource of knowledge rather than a challenge that has to be ignored.
About Me:
Name: Shady Elkassas-Physics Teacher
1- Masters of Science in Education, MSEd. from Walden University-USA-
2- Post-Graduate Diploma In Management American University in Cairo-AUC.
3- BsC. in 
Physics & Chemistry from Ain Shams University, Cairo.

My Certificates

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Our School-
Sharjah American International School
Sharjah American International School opened in September 1997. Facilities include 60 classrooms including physics, chemistry and biology labs, two libraries, music and art rooms, two playground areas, two covered areas, a gymnasium, two tennis courts, two basketball courts, two swimming pools, lunch rooms, two computer/language labs, student and staff restrooms, a parent conference room, two staff rooms, a school clinic and administration offices. The Sharjah American International School is air conditioned and well lit.

The curriculum at Sharjah American International School is American. All students are required to study Arabic language ('beginners' classes are provided). It also offers the American High School Diploma and prepares students for the SAT, AP and TOEFL tests. Special English classes are offered at all levels for the students who speak little or no English.

Staff members at Sharjah American International School are from countries where English is the 'mother tongue', and teachers have qualifications from the USA, Canada and the UK. While the majority of the students have Arabic backgrounds, the school is truly multi-national. The student body is drawn from 45 nations including Russia, Canada, Poland, Korea, UK, the USA and Australia. Classes meet five days a week (Saturday to Wednesday) from 08:00 until 14:50 (13:05 for KG2-Gr 3).

The Sharjah American International School has been awarded full accreditation by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation in America for grades KG2-12.


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