"General Announcements"

Dear students,
Here you are the stamps' list that you must have by now. Remember that they are very important because they are part of your grades. Complete any missing homework or practice that you haven't done and present it until next Wednesday.
  1. Reglamento y Hoja de Evaluación
  2. Tenses Review
  3. Practices 1, 2,3 and 4
  4. Workbook pg. 184
  5. Workbook pg. 185
  6. Students' book pg. 80 exc. 1-4, 5 (x2)
  7. Workbook pg. 186 (x2)
  8. 1 st. Writing Draft  (6IM14) 
  9. Writing Practice (5w's, Punctuation "Bullied"
  10. Tarea Profra. Tania (6IM16)
  11. Workbook pg 192 exc.3
  12. Students' book pg. 2 and 83
  13. Writing Practice "Writing a Paragraph"
  14. Dictionary Practice Homeworks
  15. Students book pg. 88
Algunas actividades pueden variar entre grupo y grupo. Por favor reporten cualquier diferencia para ajustar esta información.
M. en P.E Alicia Ortiz Pérez